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August 19, 1963 | Volume 19, Issue 8

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Ron Vanderkelen Cover - Sports Illustrated August 19, 1963

August 19, 1963 | Jack Olsen

August 19, 1963 | John Underwood

August 19, 1963
Be a catcher in baseball? How dumb can you get? Foul tips break their fingers; cramps rack their legs; masks hide their faces; and on hot days they swelter behind all that padding. They even have...

August 19, 1963
The menace at the national tennis championships will be Dennis Ralston, a stormy young man who is able to beat them all unless he gets angry at his greatest enemy—himself.

August 19, 1963 | Robert H. Boyle

August 19, 1963
These teen-agers are posed like the comic-strip characters in the paintings of a current craze called pop art, which exaggerates commonplace aspects of the American scene. They are telling a...

August 19, 1963 | Hays Gorey
Craig Breedlove broke the world land-speed record without pushing his tricycle jet to its upper limits

August 19, 1963 | Charles Goren
Tension was high, and mistakes costly as the masters' teams fought until dawn for a title

August 19, 1963 | Robert Creamer
In Cooperstown on Hall of Fame day, baseball wallows in nostalgia, but at the game's legendary place of origin, the corn tastes just fine

August 19, 1963 | Huston Horn
Submerged in hyperbole, the Volkswagen cannot be all they say it is. But even the claim that the car is part water bug checks out, as this picture shows

August 19, 1963 | Huston Horn
The photograph on page 58 was made in Homosassa Springs, Fla. after a Volkswagen was lowered gingerly onto the water by a crane. Tony Triolo then took the picture with a split-image,...

August 19, 1963
Roger Craig, the Mets' pitcher, has the losing habit like nobody else. At the beginning of the week, he was 2-20, and he had lost 18 consecutive games, only one short of the record. Touched by the...

August 19, 1963
BASKETBALL—The NATIONAL BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION played another game of musical chairs, but this time everyone got a seat as former Syracuse coach and NBA player Alex Hannum was named to coach the...

August 19, 1963
Harold Conrad, 12, of Duluth aimed his racer downhill through five heats and outlasted a record field of 238 boys in the 26th All-American Soap Box Derby in Akron. He covered the last heat in a...

August 19, 1963
29-31—Walter Iooss Jr.32—Neil Leifer36, 37—Lee Balterman41-43—Irwin Horowitz-Fritzie Miller Associates46—Phil Bath56—AP69—Herb Scharfman LIFE, UPI70—AP, Drayton Holcomb, James L. Schaffer, Canada...

August 19, 1963
BEARS AND ELEPHANTSSirs:Put Robert H. Boyle in a ring with Cassius Clay! At least he'll learn not to doubletalk (This Is What Clay Says He Wants, Aug. 5).

August 19, 1963

August 19, 1963
•Birdie Tebbetts, Cleveland manager, comparing young pitchers with veterans Early Wynn of Cleveland and Robin Roberts of Baltimore: "It's the difference between a carpenter and a cabinetmaker."

August 19, 1963 | Lee Griggs
Masaichi Kaneda is breaking so many pitching records that fans think of him as an Oriental Warren Spahn