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September 09, 1963 | Volume 19, Issue 11

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Chuck Howley Cover - Sports Illustrated September 09, 1963

September 09, 1963

September 09, 1963
ARCHERY—BILL BEDNAR of Hartford, Ohio won the $1,000 first prize in the men's division of the Professional Archers Association National Tournament in Daytona Beach, Fla., while a grayhaired...

September 09, 1963
22—Art Shay48—Marvin E. Newman50—N. R. Farbman54—Herb Scharfman, Neil Leifer55—Marvin E. Newman, Arthur Daley56—Marvin E. Newman, Walter Iooss Jr.58, 59—Neil Leifer60—Neil Leifer, Hy...

September 09, 1963
Marilyn Greenwood, 17, of Bristol, England won the under-21 championship, four doubles titles, and finished runner-up in the women's singles—all within 10 hours at the North of England tennis...

September 09, 1963
TENNIS WITH DENNISSirs:Congratulations on the thrilling and farsighted story on Dennis Ralston by Jack Olsen (His Own Menace, Aug. 26). Denny has grown overnight from a petulant teenager to a top...

September 09, 1963

September 09, 1963
•Duffy Daugherty, Michigan State football coach, on why he installed a pool table in his house: "It's mainly for my kids—I want them to have the same start in life I did."

September 09, 1963 | William Leggett

September 09, 1963 | William Leggett
Graph below compares American League attendance since 1955 to that of the National League. Once ahead by more than a million, the American League has seen its crowds steadily dwindle. Expansion in...

September 09, 1963 | Kenneth Rudeen
He had already shown his power and fleetness, but now, unexpectedly, he was called on by his driver to display that ultimate quality of a great horse, courage under pressure

September 09, 1963
There is absolutely no reason to throw the entire Labor Day weekend irretrievably out to sea, along with a variety of expensive lures. Nevertheless, every year more than half a million wet, cold,...

September 09, 1963 | Virginia Kraft
The main event of the Grand American Trapshoot in Vandalia, Ohio draws 2,500 entries, ranging from cocky teen-age kids to wheelchair veterans

September 09, 1963
Russians and royalty will both be on hand as top racing yachtsmen from all over the world gather on Long Island Sound to determine who is best at sailing a $25,000 boat.

September 09, 1963
The men look like play-toy manikins from a seat high in the stands, and the thunder of their conflict is lost in the noise of the crowd. But seen from field level at the sidelines, these same men...

September 09, 1963 | Tex Maule

September 09, 1963
So deep in talent that even the loss of Paul Hornung means little, Green Bay should win its third straight championship. But if the Packers falter, Detroit's perennial second-place finishers are...

September 09, 1963
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September 09, 1963 | Robert Creamer
Often accused of going into a drugged slumber when the Giants come to town, the Dodgers beat their hated rivals in a critical game and took a big step toward erasing memories of that humiliating...

September 09, 1963 | Jack Nicklaus
Some people must enjoy hitting shots off wet grass—the fanatic, say, who plays so early in the morning that the dew is still thick enough to swim in or the all-weather zealot who looks upon a...

September 09, 1963
There hasn't been such a harvest of sports clothes since casual fashion first got its tweedy leg up in the English country life of the '90s. Last month fragile mannequins shouldered shooting...

September 09, 1963 | Charles Goren
While I am not superstitious—not about cards, in any case—I have noticed that the good cards sometimes seem to favor one side of the table. This phenomenon once prompted the late George Kaufman to...

September 09, 1963
Shout down from the chandeliers that you're "clean white sock." That new way of wearing Adlers with overwhelming confidence. No one will question you, even if your Adlers are "clean white" red,...

September 09, 1963 | Duncan Barnes
Sensitive shotgun and rifle users will get relief from recoil shock with a device called Hydro-Coil

September 09, 1963 | Vince Lombardi

September 09, 1963 | Jule Campbell
The strong sporting influence found in all men's and women's fashions this fall brings with it a whole lexicon of names for sporting attire. The names sound of horses and stables, of guns and...

September 09, 1963 | Bil Gilbert
Getting-ready games are a parasitical genus of recreational activities which infest all minor-minor or way-out-in-left-field sports. (For example, Shrew Breeding, a relatively uncomplicated...