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November 25, 1963 | Volume 19, Issue 22

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Mike Ditka Cover - Sports Illustrated November 25, 1963

November 25, 1963 | William Chapman

November 25, 1963
BASEBALL—WHITEY FORD, the Yankees' most valuable pitcher, will also take over as the team's pitching coach in 1964 (he replaces Johnny Sain).

November 25, 1963
Matt Logsdon, a 126-pound right guard and football captain at Lake Forest (Ill.) Country Day School, led his team to its second consecutive undefeated, untied and unscored-on season (14 games...

November 25, 1963
4—Richard Meek28—Neil Leifer30—Lee Balterman31, 41, 42—Fred Kaplan67—Virginia Kraft77-78—Joy B. Leviton117—Rob Glore Jr., Neil Boenzi-New York Times, William Roberts-Bahamas News Bureau, Michael...

November 25, 1963
DISHING THE DIRTSirs:How dare you accuse the New York Giants of deliberately trying to beat up Jimmy Brown of the Cleveland Browns (A War on Ferocity, Nov. 11)! No football player deliberately...

November 25, 1963

November 25, 1963
•Ben Schwartzwalder, Syracuse coach, after watching the New York Giants' Y. A. Tittle on television: "I'd buy him a toupee and let him play at Syracuse if I thought I could slip him in."

November 25, 1963 | Tex Maule

November 25, 1963
Army plays navy next week. Dan Jenkins previews the academies' big game and scouts the heroic—and sometimes curious—world of that artful dodger, Roger Staubach.

November 25, 1963
Last Sunday 62,982 rabid fans drove, walked or were carried by subway and bus to Yankee Stadium to see the New York Giants humiliate the San Francisco 49ers, 48 to 14, and take over first place in...

November 25, 1963 | Robert Boyle
With more than $1 million in prizes to shoot for, the nation's top professional bowlers are rolling in money

November 25, 1963 | Sidney L. James
Sellout crowds begin to pack the stands by mid-September, and are to be found, still packing them, through the rain, wind, sleet and snow of late December. Fifteen to 20 million stay-at-homes tune...

November 25, 1963 | Rex Lardner

November 25, 1963 | Roy Terrell
The mountains of the Tyrol are not as high as the Swiss Alps, the Tyrolean cuisine is not as high as the French and Tyrolean wines are imported from Italy. Vermont takes better care of its snow,...

November 25, 1963 | Fred R. Smith
GETTING THERE: AS the map on the following pages shows, no ski area in the world is more easily accessible to so many people. Innsbruck has been, for all of its 700-year history, a major...

November 25, 1963
The Tyrol not only produces some of the world's best sausages, it also makes some of the world's best ski gear. Every village has a tailor cutting skin-tight pants out of rainbows of stretch;...

November 25, 1963 | Virginia Kraft
The wealthy, staid and thoroughly professional world of retriever trials is getting some surprises out West

November 25, 1963 | Jack Nicklaus
Many times in a tight tournament or a close match you will hit the ball into such an impossible lie that you just want to cry a little and walk back to the clubhouse. Please don't, because if this...

November 25, 1963 | Charles Goren
Military tactics and strategy are closely paralleled by many bridge situations. But the good player, like the good general, has to decide whether it is more important to "git thar fustest with the...

November 25, 1963 | Gwilym S. Brown
The Memphis State Tigers, fed up with playing second fiddle to nearby Mississippi, have started to build their own victory tradition, aroused a host of ardent supporters and brought a new industry...

November 25, 1963 | Mervin Hyman

November 25, 1963 | Mervin Hyman
LINEMAN OF THE WEEK: Kentucky's big tackle, Herschel Turner, had nine unassisted tackles as he personally threw Baylor backs for losses totaling 29 yards. Turner also blocked well to lead Wildcats...

November 25, 1963 | Mervin Hyman
Michigan State over Illinois. Both yield grudgingly, but State makes fewer mistakes.

November 25, 1963 | William Leggett
Baylor has trouble with both of his, and Lucas with one, so Los Angeles might lose in the West and Boston breeze in the East

November 25, 1963 | Alfred Wright

November 25, 1963 | Alice Higgins
The most successful National in 25 years had too many horses

November 25, 1963 | Nancy Pierce
A guide to ski resorts in the Midwest that are open for the first time and to existing areas that have added major new facilities. Listed after each area are the person and number (with area code)...

November 25, 1963 | Anthony Carson
The author, a past-50 adventurer who is not in the best condition, braves the indignities of trying a new sport