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December 02, 1963 | Volume 19, Issue 23

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Roger Staubach Cover - Sports Illustrated December 02, 1963

December 02, 1963

December 02, 1963
•Doug Weaver, Kansas State football coach, after his team beat Iowa State, breaking a 26-game Big Eight losing streak: "We just joined the conference."

December 02, 1963
He was not the only President to throw out the first ball of the baseball season, or the only one to attend faithfully the Army-Navy game. But John Fitzgerald Kennedy was one of the few Presidents...

December 02, 1963
During the somber week just ended a group of youngsters, whose vigor and dedication were the embodiment of President Kennedy's ideal, completed their domestic training at Mammoth Mountain, Calif....

December 02, 1963 | T. Peter Ross
Indonesia put on its Games of the New Emerging Forces, but what emerged in two weird weeks was a new kind of chaos

December 02, 1963
College Basketball bounces in next week, and SPORTS ILLUSTRATED'S annual Special Issue includes a selection of the 20 best teams that will surprise most fans and many who fancy themselves experts....

December 02, 1963 | Dan Jenkins

December 02, 1963 | Dan Jenkins
Alarmists have hinted that, should Coach Paul Dietzel lose again to Navy, he is through at West Point. If this is true, then the men of Army are throwing up the most effective smoke screen since...

December 02, 1963 | Rex Lardner

December 02, 1963 | Sidney L. James
On page 76 there begins an article on Springfield College, a unique institution founded on the 19th century concept of Muscular Christianity and dedicated, even in this day and age, to the belief...

December 02, 1963
When a youngster takes up a sport—golf, for instance—cut-down clubs and a lopsided ball will do. After all, today's fascination with golf may tomorrow turn to horses, baseball, boats or girls. But...

December 02, 1963 | J. F. Wilkinson

December 02, 1963 | Mervin Hyman
Most major teams postponed for a week their final games of the season. But Oklahoma played, and perhaps now the Sooners wish they had not

December 02, 1963 | Mervin Hyman
Navy over Army. Army, for all its good intentions, does not have a Roger Staubach.

December 02, 1963 | Tex Maule
A couple of young scientists—Charley Johnson of St. Louis and Frank Ryan of Cleveland—concocted a three-way tie in the East last Sunday with victories over New York and Dallas

December 02, 1963 | Herman Weiskopf
Like Captain Bligh's sailors, Chicago's hockey players cast their coach adrift, but Pitcairn Island is likely to be the NHL championship

December 02, 1963 | Charles Goren
The U.S. will have two fine teams for the 1964 World Bridge Olympiad, although the results of the recent International Trials in Miami Beach must be considered in the nature of an upset. Nobody...

December 02, 1963 | Robert H. Boyle

December 02, 1963
BASEBALL—HANK BAUER, 41, who played 12 years in the Yankee outfield (1948-1959) and managed the Athletics two seasons (1961-1962), was given a one-year contract to manage the Baltimore Orioles (he...

December 02, 1963
4—Harry Redl37—Neil Leifer38, 39—AP (2), UPI (2)40—Larry George, John Sherlock, John Pineda, Baron Wolman51—Ken Heyman64, 68—Herb Scharfman72-74—Fred Kaplan76, 77—Spero81—AP84—Tony Triolo93—George...

December 02, 1963
Mrs. Diane Bateman, 30, a Kearns (Utah) mother of six who has bowled only four years, became the first woman in Utah to bowl a perfect game in sanctioned league competition. "I wasn't tense...

December 02, 1963
TALL, DARK MANSirs:Gil Rogin's piece on Bill Russell ("We Are Grown Men Playing a Child's Game," Nov. 18) is one of the most laudable examples of sports journalism I've ever read. Russell's views...

December 02, 1963 | Paul Stewart
When the polar icecap seemed to blanket most of North America and Europe last winter, the hatters of America told us that a man without a hat can lose up to 35% of his body heat through his...

December 02, 1963 | Parke Cummings
I never saw a man who gets more fun out of sports participation than Tim Kellog. The thing is that Tim is always improving. This would not be so surprising if he were a lean kid of 17 or 18. But...