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February 24, 1964 | Volume 20, Issue 8

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Cassius Clay Cover - Sports Illustrated February 24, 1964

February 24, 1964 | Cassius Clay
Everybody is familiar with the public image of the challenger for Sonny Liston's heavyweight title: a loudmouth and braggart who spouts obvious verse. What Clay has seldom let the world see is the...

February 24, 1964
Some said it was the moon. Others blamed it on the weather, which had turned dismal. But those closest to Sonny Liston knew better: it was Cassius Clay. "I tell you Sonny hates Clay," said one....

February 24, 1964 | Tex Maule

February 24, 1964
Ill-bred, ill-kempt and happy as a lark, a mongrel mutt (left) watched in wonder from a tenement fire escape last week as the most carefully supervised canines in the land arrived at New York's...

February 24, 1964 | Charles Goren
Be brave! Be adventurous! So says bridge's greatest teacher (right). The mathematics of cards penalizes timid bidders but offers a big edge to players who take intelligent risks

February 24, 1964 | Charles Goren
The least-used of bridge's big weapons is the double; too many players are afraid of it. Don't you be, Goren urges.

February 24, 1964
Baseball's battle of the season in New York has nothing to do with pennant races. The Yankees are fighting for their lives against the growing popularity of Casey's Mets.

February 24, 1964
Indoors, track and field is a microcosm of itself. Everything is smaller, closer, more intense. There are far more spills, more body contact, more violence. In a brassy, circuslike atmosphere, the...

February 24, 1964 | Sidney L. James
That is one million dollars Cassius Clay is posing with on our cover this week, and the money is real—it's fresh bread, and it represents rather dramatically what the 22-year-old Cassius will have...

February 24, 1964
With the fingers of her right hand raised in Churchill's V for victory, saucy Olympic Champion Marielle Goitschel dropped in with her teammates for lunch with France's Premier Georges Pompidou,...

February 24, 1964 | John Underwood
Johnny Wooden has parlayed those ingredients into the only unbeaten major college team in the country

February 24, 1964 | Robert Creamer
An ordinary winter on the boards changed to one of excitement and anticipation when Tom O'Hara broke the world record in New York

February 24, 1964 | Bob Ottum
Carroll Shelby's swift new Cobra threw a scare into the Ferrari camp as America's latest and longest race unfolded at Daytona, but in the end a bobtailed coupe (above) led a sweep for the...

February 24, 1964 | Robert Cantwell

February 24, 1964 | Mervin Hyman
THE TOURNAMENTSThis was the week that tournament selectors began gathering in the nation's leading independents. The NCAA snapped up defending champion Loyola, Villanova, Providence, Creighton,...

February 24, 1964

February 24, 1964
•British Runner Joy Grieveson, on hearing that North Korea's Sin Kim Dan, world's fastest woman at 400 meters, had been declared ineligible for the Olympics: "I must admit I am relieved."

February 24, 1964
BASKETBALL—SAN FRANCISCO continued to lead the Western Division of the NBA, splitting games with the Celtics and nipping the Pistons in overtime, due largely to Wilt Chamberlain's 59 points. ST....

February 24, 1964
4—Howard Bingham18, 19—Bob Gomel-LIFE20—John Sadovy21—Robert W. Kelley-LIFE25-28—Neal Barr-Feldon40—AP42—Hy and Evan Peskin46—Charles Hoff-Daily News52—Tony Triolo56, 57—Ray Atkeson59—map by Dan...

February 24, 1964
Diane Rueber, a Tujunga (Calif.) housewife and mother who in four years of bowling with her husband in the Lutheran Mixed League had an unimpressive 131 average, rolled a 300 game to tie as the...

February 24, 1964
THE FITZGERALD SYSTEMSirs:Gerald Holland's article on Fritz Crisler, the "inventor" of the two-platoon system (The Man Who Changed Football, Feb. 3), sent me scurrying back to the biography of one...

February 24, 1964
Professional tour through June 19

February 24, 1964 | Paul Stewart
Or so it seemed 10 years ago when Bevo Francis set national college basketball records that still stand