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March 02, 1964 | Volume 20, Issue 9

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Casey Stengel Cover - Sports Illustrated March 02, 1964

March 02, 1964 | William Leggett

March 02, 1964
Spring training is, essentially, a lazy time. No one overworks. Players report at 10 every morning, jog once around the field, take batting practice and then stand in clusters under the warm sun,...

March 02, 1964 | Tom C. Brody
Pro basketball's greatest scorer changed his style and became a complete player this season. The result is that his team is winning in the West

March 02, 1964 | Huston Horn

March 02, 1964
First color pictures of the big fight accompany Tex Maule's account of what happened when Clay finally quit talking and climbed into a Miami Beach ring against Liston.

March 02, 1964 | Charles Goren
The least used of bridge's tactical weapons are the double and redouble, because too many players are afraid of them. You can make these bids the most valuable in your arsenal

March 02, 1964 | Charles Goren
In the play of the hand, chicanery is not only an acceptable but an honored attribute. Next week Goren demonstrates some deceptive plays and shows why you must strike quickly. In other words: how...

March 02, 1964 | Sidney L. James
Baseball's surprising battle for New York's favor—a battle involving both economics and sentiment—began to reach the shooting stage last October when the Yankees announced that Yogi Berra would...

March 02, 1964
Family disapproval in the Dutch House of Orange became as tart as a whisky sour when Lutheran Princess Irene met a Bourbon Prince from Catholic Spain at a bullfight and decided she wanted to marry...

March 02, 1964 | Edwin Shrake
Snead, admitting to a new status, takes a senior championship that is played on two good new golf courses that nobody seems to want

March 02, 1964 | Frank Deford
Salisbury, Md. has a population of only 16,302, but its huge, airy civic center (above) proved an ideal site for the National Indoor championships, which were won by Chuck McKinley

March 02, 1964 | Carleton Mitchell
Despite innovations designed to make her the fanciest ocean racer afloat, 'Kialoa II' boasted no gadget to control capricious winds

March 02, 1964 | Robert Cantwell
When the eminent French poet Jean Cocteau died last October at the age of 74, his obituaries noted that he had followed an astounding number of part-time careers as well—novelist, playwright,...

March 02, 1964 | Georges Peeters
The story of Panama Al Brown and Jean Cocteau properly begins in the Spanish city of Valencia at a fight that Cocteau never saw. Brown, the world bantamweight champion, was risking his title...

March 02, 1964 | Georges Peeters
I love boxing. That is why I once persuaded Al Brown to take a fresh plunge into this poetry of action, into these mysterious conformations that were the glory of his youth. I took an interest in...

March 02, 1964

March 02, 1964
•Elmer Flick, baseball Hall of Famer, on Casey Stengel's suggestion to bring back the spitball: "Stengel says they're throwing the spitter anyway, so we might as well legalize it. That's like...

March 02, 1964
4—Mark Kauffman12—Richard Meek14—Flip Schulke-Black Star24—Ted Streshinsky28—Peter Custer51—AP52—Fraser Hale57—Walter Iooss Jr.74—Associated Newspapers, Dwight Ross-Atlanta Constitution

March 02, 1964
Ian O'Brien, 16, a husky swimmer from the Australian bush, breaststroked to a world-record 1.08.5 for 110 yards after coming within .1 second of the 100-meter mark a month earlier. He still needs...

March 02, 1964
BASKETBALL—SAN FRANCISCO moved two games ahead in the West as it won three of five while second-place ST. LOUIS split four. Will Chamberlain (see page 24) scored 52 points back to back and...

March 02, 1964 | Mervin Hyman

March 02, 1964
OVER THE BRIDGESirs:Quite recently I wrote complaining about your bridge coverage or lack of same. Now, after receiving your February 17 edition, I am happily mollified. Congratulations! Charles...

March 02, 1964 | Peter Griffith
In the friendly language of Hawaii, no one is a stranger or malihini for very long. And at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, Hawaii's most exciting resort, you're guaranteed to feel like a Kamaiina...

March 02, 1964 | John Lovesey
The most durable—and the most distinctive—guns in the world are created by Purdey of London