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March 30, 1964 | Volume 20, Issue 13

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Jeff Mullins Cover - Sports Illustrated March 30, 1964

March 30, 1964 | John Underwood

March 30, 1964 | Hugh Whall
Carroll Shelby's Ford Cobras could not catch the prototype Ferraris, but in their own Grand Touring class they put fangs deep into rival Ferrari GTs and helped refurbish Sebring's fading glamour

March 30, 1964 | Robert Cantwell

March 30, 1964
A masters preview offers six major golf stories highlighted by Jack Nicklaus' analysis of the course, in which he surprisingly proves how Augusta National favors the big hitter.

March 30, 1964 | Tony Lema

March 30, 1964 | Tony Lema
Lema tells how, like Venturi, he cries a little at the Masters and how, like a hundred others, he swears at the U.S. Open.

March 30, 1964 | Mary Louise Grossman
Northerners who think of Florida as a one-season state may be surprised to learn that in late February thunderstorms bring on a unique and lushly lingering spring. Its delights are particularly...

March 30, 1964 | Sidney L. James
The world of investment knows Jack Dreyfus Jr., president of Dreyfus Fund Inc., as a financier with a remarkably analytical eye for the future performance of securities. This week, in the story...

March 30, 1964
Knocking Pitcher Whitey Ford off a Yankee mound is almost impossible; cutting in on Dancer Whitey Ford is unthinkable. Without even his spikes on, the Pied Piper of pitchers has just waltzed his...

March 30, 1964 | Robert H. Boyle
Experiments with LSD-25 and other hallucinogenic drugs indicate it may be possible to spook trash fish up—and out—of angling waters

March 30, 1964 | Tom C. Brody
With nothing to work with but an eager young wingman, a topnotch goalie, two high-scoring oldsters and some of the best rookies in the league, hopeless Montreal somehow managed to win the title

March 30, 1964 | Joe David Brown

March 30, 1964
BASKETBALL—SAN FRANCISCO (48-32) finished first in the Western Division, two games ahead of ST. LOUIS (46-34), as both teams split their last two games of the season. Last year's Western leader,...

March 30, 1964
Dave Kelly, 20, of Toronto, goalie for the Portland (Ore.) Buckaroos in the Western Hockey League, broke a league record when he held opponents scoreless for 235 minutes (including three straight...

March 30, 1964
4—Joseph Consentino16, 17—Hy Peskin18—Rich Clarkson19—Hy Peskin20-22—Robert Huntzinger23—Richard Meek24-29—Fred Kaplan30—Walter Daran36, 37—John G. Zimmerman (3), Jay B. Leviton44—map by William...

March 30, 1964 | Mervin Hyman
All week long sentiment had been building up for a bright New Mexico team that had intrigued almost everyone with its clean, expert ball handling and superb defense in the National Invitation...

March 30, 1964
BETWEEN THE LINESSirs:I was interested to note that Jim Brosnan's article, This Pitcher May Need Relief (March 16), was the only feature on baseball in your March 16 issue. I must confess that his...

March 30, 1964 | Hal Peterson
An AAU indoor swimming quiz to stimulate the memory and add to the knowledge of armchair experts

March 30, 1964

March 30, 1964
•Rusty Staub, Houston infielder, on why he preferred the rustic camp at Cocoa, Fla. to the old base in Apache Junction, Ariz.: "No rattlesnakes."

March 30, 1964
Field trials through April 4

March 30, 1964 | Edgar Clark
Li Fu-jung is given a hero's treatment in the People's Republic for his rise toward a world table-tennis championship