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April 06, 1964 | Volume 20, Issue 14

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Jack Nicklaus Cover - Sports Illustrated April 06, 1964

April 06, 1964
4—Joe Consentino24, 25—Tony Triolo (3), AP26—AP27—UPI, AP28-30—James Drake31—drawings by Dan Todd32, 33—drawings by Marc Simont34—Robert Huntzinger45, 46—James Drake70, 71—Lynn Pelham from...

April 06, 1964
BASKETBALL—As expected, CINCINNATI took the Eastern Division semifinal playoffs from Philadelphia, but the series had to go the full five games. Each team won on its home court, starting with the...

April 06, 1964
Judy Wills, 16, of Gulfport, Miss., who at 3 tried to copy circus clowns by doing some back somersaults off a chair (she fell on her head) and at 6 was entered in tumbling competition, went to...

April 06, 1964
BATTING ANALOGUESSirs:Earnshaw Cook has written a book utterly detrimental to baseball (Baseball is Played All Wrong, March 23). If all the teams used his proposed system, each coach would know...

April 06, 1964

April 06, 1964
•Doc Hayes, SMU basketball coach, on the rule that coaches must remain seated during a game: "If you've got 10,000 people seated in an arena and everybody's standing up and hollering and you...

April 06, 1964 | Robert H. Boyle

April 06, 1964 | Martin Kane
Helped by a posse of Cowboys and Sooners, 130-pound Yo-Jo Uetake and his heavyweight teammate, Big Joe James, pinned the best wrestling teams in the land as Oklahomans won their 30th NCAA title

April 06, 1964 | Jack Nicklaus

April 06, 1964 | Mark H. McCormack

April 06, 1964 | Sidney L. James
In a decade of devotion to golf, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED has never presented a more complete package on the sport than readers will find in this issue. The occasion for such a display—some six elements...

April 06, 1964
A Masters gallery knows it is viewing a major sports spectacle, but it never realizes that it is a considerable sporting spectacle itself. When Artist Marc Simont went to his first Masters last...

April 06, 1964 | Tony Lema

April 06, 1964 | Tex Maule

April 06, 1964
"I want to be alone," mourned Greta Garbo as she stepped up to the payoff window at New York's Roosevelt Raceway. Or if she didn't she should have. Peering out at the assembled horseflesh from...

April 06, 1964 | Frank Deford
To back up the great left-hander, Milwaukee is committed to pitchers with unfamiliar names and unproved talent, a gamble inspired by the team's failure to finish in the first division for the...

April 06, 1964 | Ross MacDonald
A popular writer of mystery stories, Ross MacDonald is also a birder who keeps a not-too-private eye on people. The birds he watches are condors, and the people are advocates of a road along...

April 06, 1964 | Charles Goren
High-stakes players from all over the country attended the Las Vegas tournament, won by a stockbroker named Manny Rose

April 06, 1964 | Dan Jenkins

April 06, 1964 | Jule Campbell
A new shop called The Tennis Set in Los Angeles is the In place to go for the latest in equipment, clothing and tennis conversation. Its customers include professional tennis players and amateurs...

April 06, 1964 | Rex Lardner
Vic Niederhoffer brought a touch of Brooklyn rowdiness to Harvard and a traditionally genteel game