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April 20, 1964 | Volume 20, Issue 16

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 Cover - Sports Illustrated April 20, 1964

April 20, 1964

April 20, 1964
•Alva Stem, parks and recreation director of Waco, Texas, on the installation of outdoor electricity outlets in huge Cameron Park: "They're for those who like to bring their TV sets, electric...

April 20, 1964 | Alfred Wright

April 20, 1964 | William Leggett
Richie Allen, who will play third base for the Phillies this season, may be the best first-year man in baseball—which would be no surprise to the folks in Wampum, or even in Little Rock

April 20, 1964
Claude Harmon, one of golf's famed teachers, distills his experience into an instructional series which includes the unique notion that you should not try to hit the ball straight.

April 20, 1964 | Gilbert Rogin

April 20, 1964 | Robert Grossman
That is Ford's new Mustang, says a top racing driver who tested the long-anticipated four-seater and found it a many-sided cayuse

April 20, 1964 | Sidney L. James
Two of the best-known athletes in the world made the cover of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED in the last two issues: Jack Nicklaus and Sandy Koufax. This week we give you Janis Rinehart, 19, Paula Walter, 18,...

April 20, 1964
If things ever get to the slugging stage down Panama way, newly appointed U.S. Ambassador Jack Hood Vaughn may prove an envoy with built-in scour power. A three-time Golden Gloves champion who...

April 20, 1964 | Tex Maule
Willie Pastrano picked on Goyo Peralta's gashed eyebrow and kept his light heavyweight title with the best five rounds of his life

April 20, 1964 | Charles Goren
Robert Hamman and Don Krauss are young and Sam Stayman and Vic Mitchell often bluff, but the U.S. is counting on them in the Olympiad

April 20, 1964 | Frank Deford
Jones's defense of Robertson was the top performance by an actor in a supporting role in the playoffs

April 20, 1964
This week the New York World's Fair opens. To most of the out-of-towners who will visit the city, sport in New York means Yankee Stadium, Madison Square Garden, Aqueduct and, perhaps, the Biltmore...

April 20, 1964 | Gilbert Rogin
When I was growing up in New York, my kid brother and I were, for a short and blessed time, the stoop ball doubles champions of 96th Street, that is, the block between the unrelieved distress of...

April 20, 1964
4—Clyde Banks Jr.19—James Drake22, 24, 27—Marvin E. Newman28—Walter Iooss Jr.30—Neal Barr-Feldon32—Shel Hershorn-Black Star47—A.P.48—Hy Peskin66-75—Bruce Davidson-Magnum91—Red Marston-St....

April 20, 1964
Joan Ramey, 31, a mother of two and a part-time teacher at Kentucky Wesleyan College in Owensboro, became the first woman coach of a male team in the school's 106-year history. She has some work...

April 20, 1964
BASKETBALL—BOSTON downed Cincinnati to win its eighth straight Eastern Division title, four games to one, losing the fourth, 102-93. In that game Oscar Robertson led the Royals with 33 points and...

April 20, 1964
MASTERYSirs:In regard to Dan Jenkins' article concerning the Masters and the Bon Air Hotel (Where Georgia Retaliates for Sherman's March, April 6), we feel that you owe the city of Augusta a...

April 20, 1964
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April 20, 1964 | Harold Peterson
Trials for the Tokyo Olympics, along with AAU championships, will be part of the big show in Flushing Meadows, lending a gala air to New York's spring and summer sports season