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April 27, 1964 | Volume 20, Issue 17

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Claude Harmon Cover - Sports Illustrated April 27, 1964

April 27, 1964

April 27, 1964
•Nathaniel Avery, caddie for Arnold Palmer in his four victorious Masters tournaments: "We work as a team; I pick most of the clubs and Mr. Palmer makes the shots."

April 27, 1964 | Frank Deford

April 27, 1964 | Whitney Tower
The Kentucky Derby is now only one week away, and the nation's top jockeys are deviously and hectically maneuvering to get the best horses; the economics of racing have put them firmly in the saddle

April 27, 1964
The famed stallions of Vienna's four-centuries-old Spanish Riding School are now making an unprecedented American tour. Here one of them executes a brilliant leap, called a capriole, at...

April 27, 1964 | Claude Harmon
(see cover) .

April 27, 1964 | Sidney L. James
"The most frustrating thing to a golf teacher," begins Claude Harmon on page 38 of this issue, "is to realize how many men—and women, too—could play the game much better without devoting any more...

April 27, 1964
They come, the lot of them, in red and white (if they are for Manchester), one even in a top hat with his team's picture pasted on it. This is the soccer Cup Final, and nothing in sport moves the...

April 27, 1964 | Gilbert Rogin

April 27, 1964
"I'm not worried about fires, I'm just worried about the game's public image," said National League President Warren Giles after he ordered "No Smoking" signs posted in all NL dugouts. "If...

April 27, 1964 | Whitney Tower
By winning the Wood Memorial, the robust colt became a Derby threat to Hill Rise and Northern Dancer

April 27, 1964 | Hugh Whall
Spring exploded like an atom bomb over Connecticut's Housatonic River last week as the April temperature shot without warning into the 80s. Under the sudden summer sun, white-skinned rowers from...

April 27, 1964 | Bil Gilbert

April 27, 1964
BASEBALL—There were signs that things were going to be different this season: Sandy Koufax lost a game; the NEW YORK YANKEES (1-3) failed to hit a home run and got off to their worst start since...

April 27, 1964
4—Robert Handville22, 27—Phil Bath24, 25—left, AP; top, Loomis Dean-LIFE, Leonard McCombe-LIFE; bottom, Daily News, Neil Leifer29—Neil Leifer, Jerry Cooke (2), Neil Leifer30-37—Fred Ward-Black...

April 27, 1964
Lou Riecke, 37, of New Orleans, a weight lifter for the past 20 years, set a world record of 325 pounds for the light heavyweight two-hand snatch at the YMCA championships in Los Angeles,...

April 27, 1964
RALLY ROUND THE FLAGSSirs:I feel obliged to congratulate you. This is by far the best Baseball Issue (April 13) you have ever published. Keep up the good work.JOHN C. SCHICKRoseville, Calif.

April 27, 1964 | Paul Stewart
When members of the American Everest expedition arrived in the Himalayas last spring, they found that they needed more parkas in a hurry. No one had a moment's doubt as to what to do. Expedition...

April 27, 1964 | Robert Drum
He was a kid from Pittsburgh and maybe the next world champion—but his mind was on a shiny car