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May 04, 1964 | Volume 20, Issue 18

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 Cover - Sports Illustrated May 04, 1964

May 04, 1964
NATIONAL LEAGUEAs Philadelphia Manager Gene Mauch sees it, his team's rise to first place stems from its 23-game losing streak in 1961. "It welded our club together," Mauch said. However, three...

May 04, 1964
Pitcher Ken Johnson of Houston is a quiet, philosophical man. His idea of having a wild time is to talk in a Donald Duck voice, something he once did during a radio interview. Johnson's record for...

May 04, 1964
BASKETBALL—BOSTON crushed San Francisco four games to one to gain its sixth straight NBA championship (see page 81). The Celtics won the second game 124-101, but two nights later Wilt Chamberlain...

May 04, 1964
4—top, Joe Consentino; bottom, Henry Groskinsky26—Herb Scharfman27—Hans Knopf-Pix, Phil Bath, Fred Ward-Black Star29—Hy Peskin, Lynn Pelham from Rapho-Guillumette30, 31—top, Frank Zagarino, Lynn...

May 04, 1964
Shena Thomson, 11, of East Norwalk, Conn., who has practiced gymnastics for less than two years, won the all-round title over 49 other girls in her first formal competition—the New England Area...

May 04, 1964
BELLES ON THEIR TOESSirs:Let the Russian amazons have the Olympics. Dames like "Flamin' Mamie's Bouffant Belles" (April 20) can just stand in the starting blocks and they'll get my vote for first...

May 04, 1964

May 04, 1964
•Joseph A. W. Iglehart, chairman of the board of the Baltimore Orioles, on the suggestion of ABC TV President Thomas W. Moore that sports change their traditional patterns to better suit TV: "In...

May 04, 1964 | Whitney Tower
Four men whose backgrounds vary as widely as their tastes in headgear have the top contenders in this week's Kentucky Derby; oddly enough, their competing colts have similar styles on the racetrack.

May 04, 1964
As the colts began their campaigns soon after the first of the year, our color cameras followed them, to record the significant races of those who later became Derby favorites. At the top of the...

May 04, 1964
A tiger enigma is Detroit's Al Kaline. Though he has averaged over .300 for 12 years, some say he has not yet reached his peak. Jack Olsen offers his—and Kaline's—answers.

May 04, 1964 | Alfred Wright
The man who trains Northern Dancer, Señor Horatio Luro, cuts a splendid figure around the track. Well over 6 feet tall, he dresses in the tweedy elegance of European aristocracy, often with the...

May 04, 1964 | John Underwood
The winds blew on the first big outdoor track weekend of the season, but one performer, massive Discus Thrower Al Oerter (left), caught a zephyr to his liking and spun out a world record

May 04, 1964 | Sidney L. James
In America today, with multiple millions of us playing more games than it is easy to count, sport's transcendent stars—the ones with household names—are simply the ones who outshine the big and...

May 04, 1964 | William Leggett
In the first two weeks of the season players in both leagues were scampering around the base paths like crazy, using steals, the hit-and-run and the bunt to win tight games

May 04, 1964 | Edwin Shrake
A crowd of socialites and their friends gather on a resort island to play the game they love best

May 04, 1964 | John Terres

May 04, 1964 | Claude Harmon
One of golf's great teachers—and a man especially renowned for his technique in sand—Claude Harmon uses this final installment of his instructional series to explain how those short shots that...

May 04, 1964
"Lady," snapped a fellow pedestrian to the woman stepping off a Park Avenue curb against a red light and the flow of New York traffic, "you're going to get killed if you do that." The woman...

May 04, 1964 | Paul Stewart
At the Sebring, Fla. 12-hour endurance race this spring, knowledgeable spectators, as well as some of the drivers, wore wide-brimmed Stetsons and club blazers, usually with a Le Mans souvenir 24...

May 04, 1964 | Frank Deford
After a seven-month tour that nearly spanned the seasons and the globe, the NBA's road show ended with a dunk by big Bill Russell

May 04, 1964 | Tom C. Brody
The Maple Leafs were the better team, but they could not elbow the eager Detroiters aside and they could not skate around them. All they could do to win a third straight Stanley Cup was score more...

May 04, 1964 | Robert Creamer
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May 04, 1964 | J. A. Maxtone Graham
It is upsetting for a lifelong fly-caster to watch amateurs do it all wrong—but catch the fish anyway