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May 11, 1964 | Volume 20, Issue 19

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Al Kaline Cover - Sports Illustrated May 11, 1964

May 11, 1964

May 11, 1964
•Hal Higdon, first American to finish in the Boston Marathon (fourth in the race), on what his three children, aged 2, 4 and 5, think about his training: "Nothing—they think all daddies get up at...

May 11, 1964 | Whitney Tower
It was a day to drown in mint juleps, not drink them. At exactly 4:33 p.m. last Saturday a gutsy little colt named Northern Dancer fought his way across the finish line at Churchill Downs to win...

May 11, 1964 | Edwin Shrake

May 11, 1964
The best middleweight, Joey Giardello, heads a rich, scrambled division. John Underwood reports on the champ, his colorful entourage, the fighters who arc after his title.

May 11, 1964 | Jack Olsen

May 11, 1964 | Sidney L. James
Everybody knows Jack Nicklaus. Reporters are interviewing him all the time. He fills the TV screen at the big tournaments, and he writes golf tips and analyzes matches for the readers of SPORTS...

May 11, 1964
Every great sporting fixture has a special feel and texture, from the twin spires of Churchill Downs to the emerald lawns of Wimbledon. But none has a setting quite so wondrous as the Grand Prix...

May 11, 1964 | Barbara La Fontaine

May 11, 1964
"There may be one or two people dropping in for breakfast on Saturday," Governor Edward Breathitt of Kentucky warned his wife. So, not wishing to seem improvident, the hostess at the executive...

May 11, 1964 | Gregor Grant
An aggressive stance by Ford in road racing will bring back two of the sport's revered names next year, says the editor of Britain's 'Autosport'

May 11, 1964 | Charles Goren
The six players on the U.S. women's Olympiad team have experience and skill, but most important of all, they get along with each other

May 11, 1964 | Mary Jean Kempner

May 11, 1964 | Jack Nicklaus

May 11, 1964 | Jack Nicklaus
Nicklaus finds his golf clubs, then finds his golf game and finally finds himself washing diapers in a Phoenix Laundromat half an hour after his first 1964 win.

May 11, 1964
AMERICAN LEAGUEMinnesota set off an explosion of home runs last week, and pitchers all over the league felt the tremor. The Twins hit an even dozen, six in one game and six more in four others....

May 11, 1964
The Giants were losing to the Dodgers 4-2 in Los Angeles last weekend when, with one runner on base and no one out in the ninth inning, Duke Snider, that old Dodger in a Giant uniform, came to...

May 11, 1964
BASKETBALL—The U.S. national team, which included five Olympians, ended a disastrous two-week tour of Russia with an 87-66 win over Georgia, its third in eight games against Soviet teams. In the...

May 11, 1964
4—Frank Zagarino22, 23—Jerry Cooke24, 25—Bud Kamenish, Herb Scharfman27—Jerry Cooke28-31—Shel Hershorn-Black Star32, 35—Lee Balterman62—Epoque, Ltd.80, 81—illustration by Michael Ramus94—Gerard...

May 11, 1964
Tim Clarke, 17, of Bellmore, N.Y., winner of the New York state interscholastic championship on the trampoline the past two years, added the 1964 Junior National title at the AAU gymnastics meet...

May 11, 1964
LIGHT ON THE GAMESirs:Holy mackerel, another series on how to hit a golf ball (Let Me Help Your Game, April 27 and May 4)! How about a break for the rest of us?J. COLLINGTONHollis, N.Y.

May 11, 1964 | Paul Stewart
The Honda 50, a cross between a motorcycle and a scooter, is causing a small-scale revolution in the two-wheeled transportation field. The little machine is changing the public's image of...

May 11, 1964 | Paul Evan Ress