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June 15, 1964 | Volume 20, Issue 24

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 Cover - Sports Illustrated June 15, 1964

June 15, 1964

June 15, 1964
•Willie Galimore, Chicago Bears' halfback who has been timed in 9.6 for 100 yards: "When Sam Huff is chasing me, I can do 8.8."

June 15, 1964
The National League is famous for its pennant races, and this looks like one of the best. Seven teams have led the league during the first two months of the season. No team has won more than five...

June 15, 1964 | Gwilym S. Brown
At California's Compton Invitational eight men and two high school youngsters came close to world records and thus hurled an exciting U.S. challenge at the finest middle-and long-distance racers

June 15, 1964
A winter champion, Tom O'Hara ran record miles indoors. Outdoors now, he is suffering the doubts of all gifted runners vying for the Olympics. A report by John Underwood.

June 15, 1964 | Whitney Tower
The fancy stepping of Virginia-bred Quadrangle in the Belmont Stakes was too much for The Dancer, and Canada's Triple Crown dreams were dashed in 1964's biggest upset

June 15, 1964
When Tony Lema reflected recently on what it felt like to play in the U.S. Open he came up with one word—torture. It is a strong word, but Lema was merely confirming what all touring pros know...

June 15, 1964 | Alfred Wright
Arnold Palmer calls it "an enjoyable course to play." Others call it terribly long, as it is to the extent of 7,053 yards, and some call it hoked up, as it most decidedly is in two or three...

June 15, 1964 | Sidney L. James
On a May morning some two weeks ago Arnold Palmer woke before 8, scanned a morning paper in bed, took breakfast, drove to the airport near Latrobe, Pa. and shuttled off in his Aero Commander for a...

June 15, 1964 | Ogden Nash

June 15, 1964 | Mark Kram

June 15, 1964
Instead of getting themselves into the mood for their own TV show, sports buff Bennett Cerf and his fellow What's-My-Liners Dorothy Kilgallen and Arlene Francis, along with a clutch of directors...

June 15, 1964 | Harold Peterson

June 15, 1964 | Charles Goren
One of the most interesting sessions of last month's World Olympiad was the second-round match between the U.S. and the Republic of China. The U.S. team had started fast by defeating Bermuda 78-4...

June 15, 1964 | Alice Higgins
Behind the polite facade of Main Line Devon, the resentment of the nation's top riders toward arbitrary rule exploded into a near riot

June 15, 1964 | Carleton Mitchell
Early trials between England's challengers failed to answer this question, but they augured brisk competition when the races begin

June 15, 1964 | Bil Gilbert

June 15, 1964
AMERICAN LEAGUEAll-round efficiency (10 home runs, nine double plays, solid pitching) lifted BALTIMORE (5-1) into first place. Boog Powell hit five homers, Luis Aparicio stole five bases, and Dave...

June 15, 1964
Sandy Koufax of the Dodgers is the toast of Los Angeles, and rightly so. There are, however, other pitchers in Los Angeles, and one of the best is 23-year-old Dean Chance of the Angels. Early this...

June 15, 1964
BOXING—Britain's Lightweight Champion DAVE CHARNLEY earned a probable title match with World Champion Carlos Ortiz when he pounded out a 10-round decision over top-ranked Lightweight Kenny Lane of...

June 15, 1964
4—Phil Bath22, 23—Walter Iooss Jr.24—Lee Balterman25—Walter Iooss Jr.26—Neil Leifer27—Tony Triolo28—Phil Bath30-31—Jerry Cooke38, 41, 42—diagrams by Dan Todd39—Dick Darcey and Wally McNamee40—Bob...

June 15, 1964
Hans Wolf of Ozone Park, N.Y., pedaled out of a pack of 166 starters to win the 21st annual Tour of Somerville (N.J.) 50-mile bicycle race in the record time of l:59:43.9 and became the first...

June 15, 1964
BRICKS AND THE BRICKYARDSirs:Picking a winner in the 500 is like shooting at a flock of fast-moving ducks. I guess you fellows just picked the right duck.

June 15, 1964
USLTA tournaments through July 6

June 15, 1964 | Bill Bryan
The summer that I was 18 I worked as a counselor in a boys' camp in New Hampshire, an employment obtained for me by my father. This was a gratuitous service on his part, since I had not planned to...