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June 22, 1964 | Volume 20, Issue 25

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Tom O'Hara Cover - Sports Illustrated June 22, 1964

June 22, 1964
Egypt's first king since Farouk looked around last week for threats to his throne. Royally mounted and royally confident, the Pride of Islam saw only pretenders. "If Sonny even dreamed to fight...

June 22, 1964 | Huston Horn
Luis Rodriguez, once the welterweight champion, had a dream that he and a Biblical warrior would win the title back from Emile Griffith. But Emile, mildly annoyed by the allegory, muddled their plan

June 22, 1964 | John Romero

June 22, 1964
Even Author Ian Fleming, for all the sorry scum he's had to deal with, found it a strain to excuse Auric Goldfinger, the villain of one of his James Bond adventures. What got everybody down on...

June 22, 1964 | John Underwood

June 22, 1964
The 64th U.S. Open is played at Congressional Country Club in Washington. The on-course action that won and the strategy that helped are described by Alfred Wright.

June 22, 1964
"Getting to first base" is a universal idiom now, as much a part of the language of romance—or business—as it is of baseball. In the sport itself, the 90 feet to first remain the prime challenge...

June 22, 1964 | Barbara La Fontaine

June 22, 1964 | Sidney L. James
Quite by coincidence, history's first duel of sub-four-minute milers and the first issue of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED arrived stride-by-stride 10 years ago this summer and, through no coincidence at all,...

June 22, 1964
The state governors were concentrating on politics for the most part at their convention in Cleveland, and only a few found time to relax. One was John Connally of Texas, who took in the harness...

June 22, 1964
Rail down in a Bermuda blow (above), the crew of the sloop "Force Seven" tests John Morgan waterproofs, England's best foul-weather gear, available to U.S. deep-water sailors for the first time...

June 22, 1964 | Kenneth Rudeen
Reforms in the 500 are certain to include better fuel tanks and limits on their size, but gasoline is unlikely to be prohibited despite some stiff opposition. The track might be widened somewhat...

June 22, 1964 | Mark Kram
Translation: John Wyatt throws his fast ball for Charlie Finley—just a sample of why his language is in a league all its own

June 22, 1964 | Hugh Whall
Bill Luders' new boat crushed her three rivals, 'Nefertiti,' 'Columbia' and 'Constellation,' during the first week of America's Cup trials, but in an unofficial race against a British tanker, she...

June 22, 1964 | Robert Cantwell

June 22, 1964
NATIONAL LEAGUEIt was National Humor Week, but the LOS ANGELES Dodgers were not laughing when it began. They were in eighth place and hurting. Johnny Podres was not likely to pitch again this...

June 22, 1964
The first decision Yogi Berra made last fall when he was named manager of the New York Yankees was to select his old crony and battery-mate Whitey Ford as pitching coach. It was a bold move and...

June 22, 1964
BASEBALL—Unheralded WEST LIBERTY COLLEGE of West Virginia, which had never before played in the NAIA tournament, upset Grambling of Louisiana in successive games, 6-4 and 3-2, to win the...

June 22, 1964
4—Mark Kauffman16, 17—Alahram Newspaper19, 20—Jack Sheedy and George Long31—Lee Balterman38, 40—Joseph Consentino48—Camera Press57—Rich Clarkson59—Tony Triolo73—AP74—top right, Lari Blumenfeld

June 22, 1964
Lana DuPont, 24, Of Chesapeake City, Md., whose mother, Mrs. Richard C. duPont, owns four-time Horse of the Year Kelso, is the first woman to make the seven-member U.S. equestrian three-day squad,...

June 22, 1964
MONEY, GLUE AND HORSESSirs:Congratulations on your really excellent article, Here the Sport Is Going Sour (June 8). E. Barry Ryan has said a lot of things that needed to be said, and he has said...

June 22, 1964

June 22, 1964
•Fred Hutchinson, Cincinnati manager, asked which National League club worried him most: "The Reds."

June 22, 1964
A baseball quiz to test the ingenuity and add to the knowledge of both the casual fan and the armchair expert

June 22, 1964 | Joseph L. Smith
Like many weekend golfers, I have abandoned any idea of playing good golf. I have discovered, however, that it is entirely possible to achieve a measure of golfing stature on the basis of nothing...