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June 29, 1964 | Volume 20, Issue 26

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Ken Venturi Cover - Sports Illustrated June 29, 1964

June 29, 1964 | Alfred Wright

June 29, 1964 | William Leggett

June 29, 1964 | Coles Phinizy

June 29, 1964
Chasing a pennant in a typically tight National League race, Alvin Dark is harassed by rumors that he will not even finish the season as manager of the San Francisco Giants.

June 29, 1964 | Cornelius Shields

June 29, 1964 | Sidney L. James
"The notebooks that I keep are rarely of any use to me when I write," John Dos Passos recently confided to an old friend, Senior Editor Robert Cantwell, "because I can never find the notebook for...

June 29, 1964
Actor Gilbert Roland, whose father, grandfather and great-grandfather all were toreros and who himself played the matador in the film The Bullfighter and the Lady, sat in his box seat at the...

June 29, 1964 | Paul Evan Ress
The bold new Fords did not finish at Le Mans but one led for a shining hour, ending the era in which the mere presence of Ferraris meant victory. Cobras again excelled, thumping Ferrari GTs

June 29, 1964 | John Dos Passos

June 29, 1964

June 29, 1964
•Bob Pettit, St. Louis Hawks' all-pro forward, after a successful U.S. basketball tour of Europe: "Those people thought there was no difference between amateurs and professionals. Now they know."

June 29, 1964 | Herman Weiskopf
AMERICAN LEAGUEIt was Farmer's Night in KANSAS CITY. Catcher Doc Edwards went on radio and imitated a duck, a tree frog and a lost calf. Pitcher Diego Segui rode to the mound on a hay wagon. A...

June 29, 1964 | Herman Weiskopf
Jim Bunning of Philadelphia fidgeted nervously on the mound as Met Pinch Hitter John Stephenson came to the plate. Bunning had set down 26 Mets in order, and now, with two out in the ninth inning,...

June 29, 1964
BASEBALL—Led by the four-hit pitching of Joe Pollack, a junior right-hander, MINNESOTA overpowered top-ranked Missouri 5-1 for its third NCAA championship in three tries, in Omaha. (The Gophers'...

June 29, 1964
4—courtesy Toby Bruce12, 13—James Drake14, 15—James Drake, Walter Iooss Jr., Dick Darcey16, 17—Walter Iooss Jr. (2), James Drake18, 19—James Drake20—Lee Balterman21—Tony Triolo22, 34—Coles...

June 29, 1964
Laird Hayes, 14, an outstanding student and ninth-grade president this year at La Colina Junior High in Santa Barbara, Calif., who also led his baseball team to an unbeaten season with a .303...

June 29, 1964
BURNING ISSUESirs:I submit that the oil companies are right in their assessment of the recent Indianapolis 500: the principal areas of research for the next year must be in the fields of fuel and...

June 29, 1964 | Herman Weiskopf
An All-Star Game quiz to excite the memory and increase the knowledge of the fans and the armchair experts

June 29, 1964 | Robert H. Boyle
If it were possible to cross a Henry David Thoreau with an H. L. Mencken, the result probably would be someone very much like Harry Darbee (right) of Roscoe, N.Y. To the informed public, Darbee is...