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August 17, 1964 | Volume 21, Issue 7

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Don Trull Cover - Sports Illustrated August 17, 1964

August 17, 1964
If the quarterback is first-rate, a professional football team can move through a season as easily as a river moves through a meadow. With no more than adequate aid from the rest of the team, the...

August 17, 1964 | Edwin Shrake
One Sunday afternoon last autumn Houston Oiler Quarterback George Blanda was bounced off the hard earth of Houston's Jeppesen Stadium by a blitzing linebacker and arose looking as if he heard...

August 17, 1964 | Hugh Whall
The U.S. can usually win in Star boats, but this year its sailing virtuosos have been deployed through other Olympic classes

August 17, 1964 | Gilbert Rogin

August 17, 1964 | Gilbert Rogin

August 17, 1964
The wild scramble for the American League pennant—the most exciting race in years—is shown in action photographs of the contending Orioles, White Sox and Yankees.

August 17, 1964
1954-1964 Sports Illustrated's first issue appeared 10 years ago this week. The photographs in color and black and white on the next 28 pages are a salute to that memorable decade

August 17, 1964 | Henry R. Luce
Dear Sid:

August 17, 1964
It was a lovely Saturday on the brink, so two old soldiers took a rare holiday and spent the afternoon together on the beach at Vung Tau (formerly Cap Saint Jacques) in South Vietnam. Premier...

August 17, 1964 | Martin Kane

August 17, 1964 | Tom C. Brody
The U.S. is getting possessive about its women athletes, and rightly: they shape up as a real Olympic threat

August 17, 1964

August 17, 1964
•Earlene Brown, beautician and shot-put winner at the Olympic trials: "My best weight is 196 pounds. But I've never made that."

August 17, 1964 | John Lovesey
On a difficult European course, Honda launched the first Oriental invasion of Grand Prix competition

August 17, 1964 | Charles Goren
The Summer Nationals, held in Toronto, are now over, and it is a pleasure to report that for most of the 10-day tournament, the Canadians were perfect hosts. They coped efficiently with the...

August 17, 1964 | Robert H. Boyle
In length, the Hudson is a minor stream compared to the great rivers of the world. But from its origin in the Adirondack Mountains to its enormous canyon on the ocean floor, the Hudson is an...

August 17, 1964 | Peter Carry
AMERICAN LEAGUEUnappreciated in LOS ANGELES, the Angels (4-2) signed a contract with the city of Anaheim (pop. 140,000) to move into a new, municipally built stadium in 1966. The team's decision...

August 17, 1964
ARCHERY—DAVID J. KEAGGY JR., a 17-year-old schoolboy from Drayton Plains, Mich., drew his 44-pound bow 468 times and scored 3,648 of a possible 4,356 points to successfully defend his men's senior...

August 17, 1964
4—Walter Daran, Tony Triolo12, 13—Lee Balterman14, 15—top, Rich Clarkson; bottom, Lee Balterman17—Shel Hershorn-Black Star19—Walter Iooss Jr.24—Phil Bath63—Mark Asher64, 65—Tony Triolo68—Evan...

August 17, 1964
Linda Jager, 15, of Westport, Conn., in her third year of sailing, skippered her Lightning to three wins in five final-round races (for 22 of a possible 25 points) to take the Girls' Long Island...

August 17, 1964
BEAUTY AND THE BUSHSirs:Re: your article The Word for New York is Bush (August 3). Mr. McCabe, you are so right!BEN H. LEEIndianapolis