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August 24, 1964 | Volume 21, Issue 8

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Kurrewa Cover - Sports Illustrated August 24, 1964

August 24, 1964
Television is supposed to report, comment on and explain baseball, and in that role it has rendered signal service to the sports fan. Henceforth it will also own baseball—to the point of virtually...

August 24, 1964 | Hugh Whall
A new business is booming along the waterfronts that makes it possible for an innocent landlubber to rent a boat, read how to run it, put to sea on his own and in almost no time become a dangerous...

August 24, 1964 | Barbara H. LaFontaine
America's top women racing drivers are small and feminine, but they are tigers—as at Marlboro on Sunday—when battling racing men. In workaday life both have blossoming careers

August 24, 1964 | Peter Scott
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August 24, 1964
The pennant race in the American League continues, with the White Sox and Yankees in pursuit of the Orioles. William Leggett describes the battle, its heroes and key plays.

August 24, 1964 | Gerald Holland

August 24, 1964
The heartiest perennial on the American campus scene, the look of the cowboy West, has had a big dose of Vigoro this summer. In Saint-Tropez the young Riviera cavorters—who often send fashion...

August 24, 1964
"I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky," sang Poet-Seaman John Masefield, but his nephew, Charles Masefield, 24, is happy to settle for just the sky. Charles, whose...

August 24, 1964 | Whitney Tower
Gun Bow, that's who—the million-dollar horse now eclipsing Kelso and attracting the tax man's eye

August 24, 1964 | Jack Nicklaus
One of the intriguing facts of the golf swing is that a player will usually duplicate at impact the position he was in at address. Linked with this is the fundamental idea that the hands should be...

August 24, 1964 | Robert A. Hackett
John Simpson's swift, notional colt should win The Hambletonian, but horsemen have scented here and there the possibility of a juicy upset

August 24, 1964 | Charles Goren
The precepts governing choice of opening leads have undergone gradual but definite change since they were first devised for whist, the game that is the great-grandfather of contract bridge. In...

August 24, 1964 | Mark Kram
The Reds have strong pitching, but even for Hutch the hitters have been unable to deliver the needed runs

August 24, 1964 | Gilbert Rogin

August 24, 1964 | Sidney L. James
Campaigning for the America's Cup is a complex business that involves many people, many skills, many miles of travel and many hours of thought and effort. The only activity that may rival it in...

August 24, 1964 | Peter Carry
AMERICAN LEAGUEWhen the CHICAGO White Sox (4-4) and the BOSTON Red Sox opened a series last week, a broadcaster jokingly asked Red Sox Manager Johnny Pesky if he had heard about the big fight in...

August 24, 1964 | Peter Carry
Unlike many of his colleagues in major league front offices, the Philadelphia Phillies' General Manager John Quinn is no showman. He does not play the role of the riverboat gambler, or the...

August 24, 1964
BOXING—Second-ranked heavyweight contender DOUG JONES of New York, winner of three straight since his controversial loss to Cassius Clay last year, probably lost his ranking and his slim chance...

August 24, 1964
6—Joseph Consentino12—UPI, Ellis Malashuk-Sunpapers, AP (2), Charles De Vecchio13—UPI (2), AP (2), Tony Triolo, Phil Bath14, 15—Herb Scharfman16, 17—Herb Scharfman, Neil Leifer (2)20—Tony...

August 24, 1964
Liz Allan, 13, a versatile water skier from Winter Park, Fla. with medals in jumping, trick and slalom events, became the third woman in history to jump 100 feet in competition when she set a...

August 24, 1964
PHILADELPHIA STORYSirs:Re: Let's Go, Phillies! (August 10): as a resident of a neighboring community, I can't blame Upper Darby. And certainly not Jack Olsen. Thanks for a fine job.STEPHEN M....

August 24, 1964

August 24, 1964
•John Bridgers, Baylor football coach, on his school's hopes for its first Southwest Conference football championship since 1924: "It took Moses 40 years to lead the children of Israel out of the...

August 24, 1964 | Jule Campbell
Every summer the Pet Products Association puts on an exhibition (held this year in New York), displaying the latest fashions, gadgets and pampering devices for pets. The owners of this $800...

August 24, 1964 | Nancy Williamson
A quiz on the U.S. tennis singles championships to test the memories of players and armchair experts

August 24, 1964 | Hal Higdon