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September 14, 1964 | Volume 21, Issue 11

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Jim Ryun Cover - Sports Illustrated September 14, 1964

September 14, 1964 | Carleton Mitchell

September 14, 1964 | Bob Ottum

September 14, 1964 | George Plimpton

September 14, 1964
FALL ANNUAL: SPORTS ILLUSTRATED presents its ninth college football special. This will be a season of running backs, and Artist Frank Mullins paints a gallery of the best of them. Dan Jenkins...

September 14, 1964
Since the University of Washington football stadium is right on the shore of Lake Washington, getting to the game—by land, by sea, by air—is often half the fun. You can either fly or boat in and...

September 14, 1964 | Sidney L. James
The National Shooting Sports Foundation toted up the dollars-and-cents impact of hunting upon the U.S. economy the other day and discovered something any hunter could have guessed: the sport is...

September 14, 1964
Not a creature was stirring, not even a grouse, on Lord Swinton's Yorkshire estate, when former Prime Minister Harold Macmillan and his friends went over for the start of the shooting season. Clad...

September 14, 1964 | Tom O'Leary

September 14, 1964 | Pat Ryan
Earlier in the week Johnny Simpson put an impostor in Ayres's stall to keep admirers from annoying his colt. But on Hambletonian Day, Simpson drove the right horse

September 14, 1964 | Herman Weiskopf
There were surprises: some favorites lost, other swimmers unexpectedly won. But when the Olympic trials were over, it was evident that the U.S. had a superteam, even if problems did lie ahead for...

September 14, 1964 | Jack Olsen

September 14, 1964 | Peter Carry
AMERICAN LEAGUELast June cocky right-hander Dean Chance of the LOS ANGELES Angels (4-1) marched into General Manager Fred Haney's office and demanded a raise. Chance was sporting a modest 5-5...

September 14, 1964 | Peter Carry
Milwaukee Outfielder Rico Carty has just one ambition: he simply wants to be "hoppy." It looks like the 25-year-old Dominican has already reached his goal, because right now he has every reason to...

September 14, 1964
4—Michigan Department of Conservation18-20—Frank Zagarino21—Richard Meek25—Marvin E. Newman28-34—Walter Iooss Jr.45—Herb Scharfman46—Rich Clarkson54—Neil Leifer58, 59—Tony Triolo77—AP78—Jim...

September 14, 1964
Mary Louise McGregor worked for 10 years for New York harness racing officials, then got a license herself—the first ever for a woman—from the U.S. Trotting Association. This fall Mrs. McGregor...

September 14, 1964
BICYCLING—EDDY MERCK, of Belgium won the world amateur road championship in Sallanches, France by covering the twisting 115-mile course in 4:39.10, for an average speed of 24.73 mph.

September 14, 1964
YANKS AGAINST THE WALLSirs:It's about time to tell the truth about this year's edition of the New York Yankees. William Leggett in his They Went and Got 'Em (Aug. 31) does it. The Yanks are just...

September 14, 1964

September 14, 1964
•Duffy Daugherty, Michigan State football coach, when asked, "Who are you happiest to see return to camp this fall?": "Me."

September 14, 1964 | Paul Stewart
Just as improvements in passenger cars have developed from features first incorporated and tested in foreign racing cars, so have some of the new bad-weather fashions been influenced by such...

September 14, 1964 | Torbert MacDonald
A quiz on Grand Prix racing to test memories and increase the knowledge of casual fans and armchair experts

September 14, 1964 | Bill Mauldin