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October 05, 1964 | Volume 21, Issue 14

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Marie Walther Cover - Sports Illustrated October 05, 1964

October 05, 1964 | Pat Ryan
Gimpy all year, a courageous colt vindicated his superior lineage

October 05, 1964 | Alexander Eliot
The splendor of ancient Greece was epitomized by its Olympic Games, but even this hallowed competition had its ungodlike moments, including its legendary beginning as a clear case of MANSLAUGHTER...

October 05, 1964 | Peter Carry
AMERICAN LEAGUEAfter NEW YORK swept back-to-back twi-night doubleheaders from the Indians and opened up a four-game lead, all the Yanks' Manager Yogi Berra would say was: "Yeah, I think we got a...

October 05, 1964 | Peter Carry
Ever since 1961, when he hit 61 home runs, the fans have been booing Yankee slugger Roger Maris. Some of the jeers may have been deserved, but most seem to have come as a matter of routine from...

October 05, 1964
BASEBALL—ROCHESTER, the top Oriole farm team, defeated Syracuse (Tigers) four games to two to win the International League's Governor's Cup. The Red Wings, who finished fourth in the regular...

October 05, 1964
4—Walter Iooss Jr.27—Joseph Consentino28—Herb Scharfman30, 31—James Drake32, 33 Neil Leifer43—Ara Guler44, 45—David Lees46—Robert Doisneau from Rapho Guillumette47—Henry Dauman48, 53—Yuri...

October 05, 1964
Second Lieut. Donald Napoli, 23, a weapons controller at Sioux City, Iowa AFB who learned chess as a child in East Lansing, Mich., won five matches, drew one and lost none to win the Air Force...

October 05, 1964
CORRECTIONS AND AMENDMENTSSirs:Your college football issue (Sept. 21) was a masterpiece of writing and research—and as entertaining as it was informative.

October 05, 1964

October 05, 1964
•Allie Sherman's 5-year-old daughter: "Daddy, why did you trade Sam Huff?"

October 05, 1964 | William Leggett

October 05, 1964
Powerful Dick Butkus is the best of a superb corps of linebackers playing college football this fall. Dan Jenkins reports on the Illinois center and the big race in the Big Ten.

October 05, 1964 | Frank Deford
The U.S. had a plan for defending the Davis Cup: give Roy Emerson his two singles matches and win the rest. But Australia's Fred Stolle beat Dennis Ralston and started the cup on its return trip...

October 05, 1964 | Edwin Shrake
Even the standing-room tickets were sold out in War Memorial Stadium as a record Buffalo crowd of 40,167 saw the Bills win their third straight game by mauling the Chargers, last year's AFL champions

October 05, 1964 | John Underwood
Beset by conflicting ideals and moved by a variety of sharply defined emotions, the world's finest amateur athletes gather for the Orient's first Olympiad—and the largest one yet

October 05, 1964 | Sidney L. James

October 05, 1964
In the vast and various arenas where the pageantry of the XVIII Olympic Games will soon be on display, the identities of the hundreds of participating athletes will be swallowed up in the...

October 05, 1964 | Gilbert Rogin
On the afternoon of September 5, Peter Snell, the world record holder for the mile, half mile and 800 meters, as well as the half mile and 1,000 yards indoors, got out of his Austin station wagon...

October 05, 1964
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October 05, 1964
He crooned Wish You Were Here, and somebody at Las Vegas' Desert Inn thrust $1,000 into his outstretched hands. Then Eddie Fisher burbled Around the World and another grand was forced upon him....

October 05, 1964 | Dan Jenkins
After two games West Point's Rollie Stichweh is outshining Roger Staubach and a lot of other quarterbacks. Although used sparingly, his gunshot passes and roll-out runs have been neat and gainful

October 05, 1964 | Mervin Hyman

October 05, 1964 | Mervin Hyman
BACK OF THE WEEK: Syracuse Halfback Floyd Little hardly behaved like a scared sophomore against Kansas. He ran 55, 19, 15, three and one yards for touchdowns, gained 159 yards and caught two passes.

October 05, 1964 | Mervin Hyman
Auburn over Kentucky. Sidle is hurting. Auburn will have to win with defense.

October 05, 1964 | Robert H. Boyle
Largemouth bass see red better than other colors. They love minnows, but minnows are drab. What to do? Dye them red to catch more bass

October 05, 1964 | Bob Ottum
Three men are in a dramatically close race for the world driving championship. The deadlock could be broken in Sunday's U.S. Grand Prix

October 05, 1964 | Tex Maule
Most rookie quarterbacks have to sit out their early pro years, but Bill Munson moved right in—and began moving a long-stalled team

October 05, 1964 | Peter Carry
A fast quiz on the summer Olympic Games for fans with an eye on Tokyo and maybe another eye on history

October 05, 1964 | Bill Bryan
Contrary to the nostalgic notions of many middle-aged men, a kid can mix adults and baseball satisfactorily, provided he selects the right adults. Take my own case, for instance. The adults...