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October 12, 1964 | Volume 21, Issue 15

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Dick Butkus Cover - Sports Illustrated October 12, 1964

October 12, 1964

October 12, 1964
•Murray Warmath, Minnesota football coach, assuming the blame when his kicker, Mike Reid, incurred a 15-yard penalty for catching his own windblown kickoff on the fly: "We never practice that...

October 12, 1964 | William Leggett
It was the week that wasn't—or, anyway, the week that couldn't have been. In the American League the Yankees, dead six weeks earlier, effortlessly contained closing rallies by the White Sox and...

October 12, 1964 | Frank Deford
The Queen City of the mighty Ohio derives its name from Cincinnatus, the loyal Roman farmer who dropped his plow and rushed off to battle when war was imminent. Something has been lost over the...

October 12, 1964 | Bob Ottum
Victory in the U.S. Grand Prix at Watkins Glen went to the imperturbable Graham Hill, who moved well ahead of two fellow Britons, John Surtees and Jim Clark, in the final thrust for the world...

October 12, 1964
The world series pits those old rivals, the Yankees and Cardinals, against each other. A report from William Leggett and the best pictures of play in St. Louis and New York.

October 12, 1964 | Dan Jenkins

October 12, 1964 | Sidney L. James
Our motor sports writer, Bob Ottum, was a news executive with The Salt Lake Tribune until last March, when we enticed him out of the desert. For some years before that he had been a SPORTS...

October 12, 1964 | Tex Maule

October 12, 1964 | Duncan Barnes
From a vantage point high above the vast, windswept plains of eastern Montana the search begins with the sun's first slanting rays as two hunters look for pronghorn antelope through binoculars and...

October 12, 1964
The weighty matters of the campaign ought to be saved until after the World Series when the voters are paying more attention, said would-be New York Senator Robert F. Kennedy. Accordingly, Senator...

October 12, 1964 | Larry Van Hoose
The University of Kentucky football team has known some miserable afternoons in recent years, but successive upset victories over Mississippi and Auburn herald happier days

October 12, 1964 | Mervin Hyman

October 12, 1964 | Mervin Hyman
BACK OF THE WEEK: Quarterback Larry Zeno, UCLA's expert handyman, was the whole show against Stanford. Zeno completed 15 of 21 passes for three touchdowns, ran for a fourth and kicked three extra...

October 12, 1964 | Mervin Hyman
Army over Penn state. State lacks the quarterbacking to match Army's Stichweh.

October 12, 1964 | Jack Nicklaus
Many golfers, touring pro and weekend player alike, are so concerned with the mechanics of the grip and the swing that they often overlook an important element of good golf: tempo or rhythm. By...

October 12, 1964 | Hays Gorey
Men spend millions trying to break the land-speed record, but last week on the Bonneville Salt Flats two brothers who don't speak—except to the record book—pushed the mark way up with home-built...

October 12, 1964 | Whitney Tower
It belonged to high-flying Gun Bow as he outfought gallant Kelso to win the most thrilling Woodward ever—and maybe a title as well

October 12, 1964 | Charles Goren
Now 80 and long retired from tournament play, Harold S. Vanderbilt, inventor of contract bridge, has written a new book on his theories

October 12, 1964 | Jack Olsen

October 12, 1964 | Peter Carry

October 12, 1964
4—Barton Silverman23—Herb Scharfman, Walter Iooss Jr.27—Herb Scharfman28—Peter Custer29—Barton Silverman30, 31, 38—Lee Balterman40—Neil Leifer41, 42—Walter Iooss Jr.57—A.P.I.S.—Paris, Joseph...

October 12, 1964
John Mangrith, 4, of Pomona, Calif. cried, "Here piggy piggy," and the stunned adults watched as six pigs waddled up to him, giving John an easy win in the Los Angeles County Fair Hog-Calling...

October 12, 1964
BASEBALL—"Thank goodness this rat race is over for me," said JOHNNY PESKY, 45, shortly before he was fired as manager of the eighth-place Boston Red Sox. Third-base Coach BILLY HERMAN, 55, who...

October 12, 1964
EQUAL TIMESirs:Now that you have published William Barry Furlong's article, A Sad Day for Baseball (Sept. 21), perhaps you'll be kind enough to find an equally able writer to counter this with A...

October 12, 1964 | Laurie Johnston
In one huge loft of Jonas Bros., Seattle taxidermists and furriers, two or three thousand wild animal pelts are strung up on long lines—big or little noses in the air, big or little tails sweeping...

October 12, 1964 | Thomas F. Moore