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November 09, 1964 | Volume 21, Issue 19

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John David Crow Cover - Sports Illustrated November 09, 1964

November 09, 1964

November 09, 1964
•Danny Silk, national junior three-meter diving champion, on why he took up the sport: "I wanted to show off."

November 09, 1964 | Bob Ottum
When pro basketball play starts, teams that meet the Boston Celtics fall prey to a strange malady—Russellphobia. The disease is back again this season, and it has helped the champions to a...

November 09, 1964 | Edwin Shrake

November 09, 1964 | Hays Gorey
In the surprise finale of the Bonneville land-speed season Hot Rodder Art Arfons rode his unesthetic but mighty jet car to a remarkable new record of 536.71 mph—and dreamed of going even faster

November 09, 1964
Around the world the people who go to racetracks are often more fascinating to observe than the horses. Whether they go simply to savor a sporting spectacle, to take delight in the fluid grace of...

November 09, 1964
How about cassius? Can he do it again? Gilbert Rogin covers the training camps, reports on a big change in the champion and on Liston's chances of winning this time.

November 09, 1964 | Alfred Wright

November 09, 1964 | Sidney L. James
In theory the 180 paid staff members listed at the right hold the sole responsibility for the content and direction of this magazine every week. In fact these staff members are all rigidly...

November 09, 1964 | Jack Nicklaus
A so-called fundamental precept of golf that I do not hold with—at least, not all the way—maintains that if you don't keep the right elbow folded in against the body you cannot develop a grooved...

November 09, 1964
Memphis' first authentic baseball hero since Bill Terry, home run hitter Tim McCarver got newspaper headlines, a parade and the key to the city when he went back to the old home town after the...

November 09, 1964 | Mickey Herskowitz
The first Negro to play football for the University of Houston, McVea may be the best runner in Texas

November 09, 1964 | Mervin Hyman

November 09, 1964 | Mervin Hyman
Alabama over LSU. Both are unbeaten, but Bear Bryant wins the big ones.

November 09, 1964 | Carleton Mitchell
For the first time in years Olympic sailors from the U.S. failed to win a single first place, but as a team they did what no other nation has ever done before. They took a second or third in every...

November 09, 1964 | Charles Goren
In the dozen battles for the Bermuda Bowl since the World Bridge Team Championship was inaugurated in 1950 only one woman has ever played. That was Helen Sobel, who was my partner in 1957 (the...

November 09, 1964 | Jack Olsen

November 09, 1964
BASKETBALL—Unbeaten Eastern Division leader BOSTON (page 18) swept four straight, including a 122-93 triumph over the second-place Royals, to extend its winning streak to eight games. CINCINNATI...

November 09, 1964
Rives McBee, a physical education instructor at Garland (Texas) High School, shot a hole in one on the Pecan Valley Golf Club course in San Antonio to lead his amateur team to a 20-19 victory over...

November 09, 1964
4—Walter Daran34—W. Eugene Smith39—Vincent J-R Kehoe47—Pictorial Parade48—Shel Hershorn-Black Star77—Mont Finnell Jr.-Kansas City Star, Kerr Photo, Charles Culley

November 09, 1964
MEMORIESSirs:As an indiscriminate and bug-eyed spoils fan, I had the privilege of attending my first Olympic Games as a spectator in Tokyo. Having since devoured the last two issues of SI and...

November 09, 1964 | Thomas F. Moore
The drama knew it was in a fight when the curtain rose on John L. or Corbett

November 09, 1964 | Peter Griffith
It's usually hard to tell the exact moment when a tourist attraction comes into fashion, but not with Puerto Rico. It happened on the day the Caribe Hilton opened. The hotel filled up right away...

November 09, 1964 | Robert Cantwell
In the midsummer of 1962 newspapers carried a brief item from London: "Two British mountain climbers were killed last week descending Mount Garmo in the Pamirs, it was reported today. They had...