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November 23, 1964 | Volume 21, Issue 21

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Helmut Flach Cover - Sports Illustrated November 23, 1964

November 23, 1964
BASKETBALL—At last, four weeks after the season started, BOSTON lost a game, 110-109 to the 76ers and then shocked everyone by losing again, this time to the Lakers 114-112. The Celtics had been...

November 23, 1964
Pat Koren, the daughter of a Rapid City, S. Dak. doctor, who has been riding horses on her father's ranch since she was 3 and has won dozens of trophies in cutting-horse, trick riding and...

November 23, 1964
22, 23—Art Shay-TIME25—Bill Sumits Jr.26—James Drake27—Bill Sumits Jr.28—Chicago Sun Times32—Fred Kaplan53-61—Fred Lyon from Rapho-Guillumette62—map by Norman Adams67—London Daily...

November 23, 1964
ON WITH THE GAME!Sirs:Tex Maule misses the point (The Ball Game That Never Was, Nov. 16). It is not who would win the NFL-AFL playoff game, it's the fact that the National League club owners have...

November 23, 1964

November 23, 1964
•Lieut. Billy Mills, Olympic 10,000-meter winner, asked at what stage he decided to stay up with the leaders in the race: "Last February, when I made up my mind to try out for the U.S. team."

November 23, 1964
Should their teams continue undefeated—and each is but a game away from a perfect 10-0 season—both the University of Arkansas and the University of Nebraska might normally claim the distinction of...

November 23, 1964 | John Underwood

November 23, 1964 | Whitney Tower

November 23, 1964
The hidden keys to effective defense in pro football are the tackles. Tex Maule nominates three for best—Alex Karras, Merlin Olsen, Henry Jordan—and explains their role.

November 23, 1964 | Huston Horn
The moment Cassius Clay got sick the red ink began to flow. Now his fight with Sonny Liston is six months away

November 23, 1964 | Edwin Shrake

November 23, 1964
With the new season at hand, here is a guide for the skier who wants to move up to the stylish parallel technique. Improvements in teaching methods and the care of slopes make this the best time...

November 23, 1964 | Fred R. Smith

November 23, 1964 | Sidney L. James
In the 10 years of this magazine's existence the number of American skiers has doubled, rising from 2 million to the 4 million now poised for this season's rush to the slopes. Few sports have...

November 23, 1964
Miler Herb Elliott, who is proving as able on the banquet circuit as on the cinders, told an Auckland sportsmen's dinner that even Spartan world champions suffer tension. "You might believe this...

November 23, 1964 | Tom C. Brody
The name belongs to Princeton's tailback, who last week led his teammates to the Ivy League title

November 23, 1964 | Mervin Hyman

November 23, 1964 | Mervin Hyman
BACK OF THE WEEK: Columbia Quarterback Archie Roberts, having his finest day in three years, completed 14 of 19 passes against Penn for 175 yards and three touchdowns, ran for 202, scored once,...

November 23, 1964 | Mervin Hyman
Ohio State over Michigan. A wounded Woody Hayes will not be stopped again.

November 23, 1964 | Rex Lardner
Detroit's Roger Crozier doesn't look like a goalie and he doesn't act like a goalie. The only thing he does is stop goals like a goalie

November 23, 1964 | Gwilym S. Brown
On the last day of an LPGA tournament in Texas, the tour's finest player turned in the best round of golf ever shot by a woman—a 62 which included eight birdies and an eagle on a course that was...

November 23, 1964 | Alice Higgins
At the National Horse Show a chestnut gelding named Untouchable was just that, but the audience was not sure, thanks to grumbled announcing

November 23, 1964 | Charles Goren
This week in Dallas 18 top bridge pairs will compete for positions on the team that will represent North America in the 1965 World Championships. The Trials, as the competition is called, will...

November 23, 1964 | Gerald Holland

November 23, 1964 | Paul Stewart
A skier, like the golfer in pursuit of a magic putting formula, is forever in search of a shiny piece of equipment to solve the problems of technique that lie between the man and the fullest...

November 23, 1964 | David Boroff
Skiing was once supposed—by sentimentalists—to be the sport of a heroic elite. In a simpler time, when rope tows creaked, the outdoor ideal was untarnished. "It was all fresh air during the day...