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February 08, 1965 | Volume 22, Issue 6

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Jerry West Cover - Sports Illustrated February 08, 1965

February 08, 1965 | John Underwood

February 08, 1965 | Tex Maule
Floyd Patterson came on strong in the last rounds to get a unanimous decision over a game George Chuvalo. The fight was exciting but neither man proved he has any business in the top heavyweight class

February 08, 1965 | Patricia Ryan
The world's toughest trotting race, up hill and down dale and fetlock-deep in cinders, was won by the best horse in France, with the aid of some careful legislation by the wealthy farmers of Normandy

February 08, 1965 | Duncan Barnes
Some of the shrewdest enthusiasts in the world will be watching next week as the top bird dogs in the U.S. compete in the National Field Trial Championship in Grand Junction, Tenn. No observer on...

February 08, 1965 | Barbara La Fontaine

February 08, 1965
GOLFS GREATEST 18—the best holes from the top courses in America—are played by Dan Jenkins, who describes their challenges and beauties. The first of a two-part series.

February 08, 1965 | Gilbert Cant
Betty Grable's legs may have been worth the $1 million they reputedly were insured for, but inch for inch that knee being gingerly dealt with on the opposite page has got to be worth more. That is...

February 08, 1965 | Sidney L. James
Retired male athletes, by and large, do not just fade away. They manage and coach teams, broadcast, advertise, advise large corporations and acquire restaurants and bowling alleys over which their...

February 08, 1965
Fallen Skier of the Week: Beatle John Lennon, who was coaxed onto the slopes with difficulty in the first place. Accompanied by wife Cynthia, Lennon set off briskly enough from his St. Moritz...

February 08, 1965 | Jack Nicklaus
How high you should tee a ball is another of those seemingly insignificant elements of golf that can matter a great deal. There is no point in working out something as complex as the pivot if you...

February 08, 1965 | Gwilym S. Brown
He is tireless Bill Crothers who—as leader of a vigorous foreign invasion—last week added three more victories to a growing collection that could encompass most of the indoor season's...

February 08, 1965 | Bob Ottum
Led by a swift Little Annie Rooney and a studious stripling, a new Dominion team startled U.S. skiers in Aspen's Roch Cup meet

February 08, 1965 | J. A. Maxtone Graham
It was a raw and windy day in the autumn of 1954. A party of sportsmen waited in skillfully built blinds near the estuary of the Slaney River, close to Wexford on the southeast tip of the Irish...

February 08, 1965

February 08, 1965
•Ed McLemore, Dallas wrestling promoter: "Why, they've accused me of all kinds of put-up jobs. They've even said I used 'blood capsules' to make my wrestlers look bloody. But I've looked all over...

February 08, 1965
BASKETBALL—BOSTON increased its lead in the East to 11 games, winning four and losing one as second-place CINCINNATI slumped, losing four of five. PHILADELPHIA won two out of four games, one of...

February 08, 1965
4—Tony Triolo12, 13, 16—Neil Leifer18—Herb Scharfman21—Marvin E. Newman from Roosevelt Raceway23-26—Hanson Carroll29, 37—Tony Triolo38, 39—Stuart Smith42—Birnback, Les Dodds49—James...

February 08, 1965
Holly Blatchford of Northbrook, Ill. tied for the national outdoor intermediate speed-skating title at the championships held on Lake Como, Minn. Earlier she, sister Sally and brother Neil made a...

February 08, 1965 | Mervin Hyman
College basketball coaches once barely tolerated sophomores, because, as one coach complained, "Every one you play costs you a couple of games." Now sophomores play and win games for their teams,...

February 08, 1965
ON A HIGH BLUFFSirs:My compliments to Frank Deford on his "foresight" (Another Big Bluff by Big Wilt, Jan. 25). I've witnessed one of the 76ers' successes since Wilt's homecoming: the night the...