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February 15, 1965 | Volume 22, Issue 7

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 Cover - Sports Illustrated February 15, 1965

February 15, 1965

February 15, 1965
•Danny O'Connell, retiring coach of the Washington Senators, recalling a game in which he hit three triples off the Phillies' Robin Roberts, earning him a record-book citation along with 33...

February 15, 1965 | Tex Maule

February 15, 1965 | Frank Deford

February 15, 1965
One of the stock items in an aging American's fund of nostalgia is the pair of barrel staves that were lashed to his boots with strips from an inner tube and used as skis. Progress doomed staving...

February 15, 1965
Derby talk starts with the sons of Bold Ruler, who dominate the 3-year-old scene, and in the East the best is Bold Lad, now out of training but still aimed straight for Louisville.

February 15, 1965 | Dan Jenkins

February 15, 1965 | Dan Jenkins
On the back nine, Dan Jenkins plays his way from Westchester County, N.Y. to the Pacific Ocean, contending with seven more water holes and stumbling into a birdie.

February 15, 1965 | Sidney L. James
I have a game for you. The next time you are with people who play the same golf course you do and the conversation falters, ask the group what the best hole on your course is. Not just best in...

February 15, 1965
Smersh! A sudden sickening thud and there was James Bond lying prostrate on the ground. Agent 007 was defenseless, alone in an open field without bulletproof waistcoat, Beretta or miniaturized...

February 15, 1965 | Bob Ottum

February 15, 1965 | Charles Goren
All bidding systems, no matter how complicated, are subject to the same code of ethics. They must be a matter of public record, containing no secret bids that mean something to the partners but...

February 15, 1965 | Whitney Tower
With one rival permanently retired to stud and another temporarily on the shelf in Florida, this lightly raced colt is the best Derby horse running

February 15, 1965 | Luther Evans
New boats built by Donzi Marine won four out of six in the second annual Sam Griffith Memorial Race

February 15, 1965 | Robert H. Boyle
The American Kennel Club is a "unique and astonishin' institution," in the words of one admirer. It supervises the bloodlines of the nation's dogs and the behavior of their owners and handlers...

February 15, 1965
BASKETBALL—BOSTON had its 14-game home-court winning streak broken by the Bullets 122-114, yet still managed to increase its lead to 12 games by defeating the Royals and the Lakers. Slumping...

February 15, 1965
20—Lee Balterman22—Herb Scharfman23—UPI24-27—Rich Clarkson28, 29—Hanson Carroll31—James Drake32, 33—Rich Clarkson34—Walter Iooss Jr.47—London Daily Express-Pictorial, BIPPA55—Santa Anita73—Bette...

February 15, 1965
Lena Alberta, 74, retired hairdresser from Riviera Beach, Fla. who began golfing five years ago and has never had a lesson, made her second hole in one within two months on the 131-yard, par-3,...

February 15, 1965 | Mervin Hyman
As the college season moved into its climactic period, most conference races were far from settled. Only defending NCAA champion UCLA in the AAWU and Wichita State in the Missouri Valley held...

February 15, 1965
TWO U'SSirs:The hats of an entire university, countless alums and 13 defeated opponents are off to Frank Deford for his fine article on Ohio's University of Miami (The Real Miami Stands Up, Feb....

February 15, 1965 | FELICIA LEE
For the past 25 years Master Optician William H. Belz has combined his two favorite pursuits—shooting and optometry—by designing and creating glasses to meet the specific needs of shooters,...

February 15, 1965 | John Lovesey
In the very long ago a sturdy Scotsman set out on a remarkable walk