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February 22, 1965 | Volume 22, Issue 8

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 Cover - Sports Illustrated February 22, 1965

February 22, 1965 | Bob Ottum

February 22, 1965 | Huston Horn

February 22, 1965 | Whitney Tower

February 22, 1965
A Philadelphia tragedy was enacted last summer by the Phillies. Now, in a new spring, William Leggett details their fabulous rise and explains their extraordinary collapse.

February 22, 1965 | Dan Jenkins

February 22, 1965 | Sydney L. James
By mail and telephone we get many strange questions about sports and sportsmen. A man called here a few days ago wanting to know what kind of after-shave lotion the big-game hunters on our staff...

February 22, 1965
Half-time pomp usually is a fall phenomenon reserved for football fans, with big bands and girls twirling batons. Half time at a basketball game traditionally has 15 minutes of nothing. Now...

February 22, 1965
Champion Crago's Red San of Cote de Neige, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi with vital statistics of 26½-10-33, has won Best of Breed in dog shows from New Hampshire to the Lehigh Valley and is entered in...

February 22, 1965 | Frank Deford

February 22, 1965 | Charles Goren
As one who occasionally misplaces his engagement book, I am sometimes embarrassed to discover that I am expected to be in two places at the same time. Hitherto, this has always required apologies,...

February 22, 1965 | Virginia Kraft

February 22, 1965
BASKETBALL—BOSTON played two games last week without Center Bill Russell—who had sore knees—one a 126-111 win over the Bullets and the other a 113-123 loss to the Knicks, despite Sam Jones'...

February 22, 1965
4—M. Norton17—Walter Iooss Jr.21—Phil Bath23—Jerry Cooke24—Herb Scharfman33—Marvin E. Newman34, 35—Jay B. Leviton36—Marvin E. Newman37-43—illustrations by Donald Moss50—William P. Gilbert, AP52,...

February 22, 1965
Rosie Fortna, a high school student from Waitsfield, Vt., took the women's combined title at the Stowe Cup races with firsts in the slalom and giant slalom. She made two slalom runs in 1:40.71,...

February 22, 1965 | Mervin Hyman
The annual jockeying for choice independents for college basketball's two postseason tournaments is about to begin. When invitations go out on February 24 both the NCAA—already assured of 15...

February 22, 1965
MARSHMALLOWS AND PUNCHSirs:All credit to Tex Maule for his story on the Patterson-Chuvalo fight (Okay—but Don't Bring on Clay, Feb. 8). Only such calm analysis by a knowing critic could illuminate...

February 22, 1965

February 22, 1965
•Jim Piersall, Los Angeles Angel outfielder, on his teammates: "The Angels are the first team I've ever been on where I feel I belong. They're all nuts, too."

February 22, 1965 | Rex Lardner
Bob Cousy, formerly of the Boston Celtics and now head basketball coach at Boston College, bathes in superlatives. He was the best all-round little man—at 6 feet 1½ inches—in pro basketball and...

February 22, 1965 | John Lovesey
The British taste for rowdy comedy, coursing crazily from Jack Falstaff through the Beatles, is finding new satisfaction in an unabashed mania for professional wrestling. This peculiar art form...