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March 22, 1965 | Volume 22, Issue 12

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Willie Pastrano Cover - Sports Illustrated March 22, 1965

March 22, 1965 | Robert Cantwell
The casinos of Nevada report winnings of $250 million a year, a figure which surprises many people. They think it should be higher. Wallace Turner in Gamblers' Money (Houghton Mifflin, $5.95)...

March 22, 1965 | Frank Deford
Led by marvelous Bill Bradley, Princeton routed the East's best and swept on to the finals of the national basketball championship in Portland where, still the underdog, it faces Michigan and...

March 22, 1965 | Dan Jenkins

March 22, 1965 | Bob Ottum
The driver sprints to his car, jumps in and, with 60 other racers careening about him, embarks upon the 12 Hours of Sebring. Once around the clock goes that fierce parade, wailing through the...

March 22, 1965
Never, but never has an Ivy League team won basketball's NCAA title, but this week hopped-up Princeton goes west, still the underdog, adding interest to the finals.

March 22, 1965 | Gilbert Rogin

March 22, 1965 | Sidney L. James
Three separate studies in this issue—two articles and a set of watercolors, to be exact—deal with sports that are considered dangerous. And with good reason. One of the articles is Edwin Shrake's...

March 22, 1965 | Tony Lema

March 22, 1965 | Tony Lema
Perhaps the major thing to understand about the long irons is that you must have confidence in your ability to use them. If you shudder each time you reach into the bag for a long iron, you are...

March 22, 1965
Did the hair-tonic company that signed Oriole Brooks Robinson to do a commercial some months ago realize that he is half bald? It did not. Someone had shown the tonic tycoons an eight-year-old...

March 22, 1965 | Edwin Shrake

March 22, 1965 | Charles Goren
Two of my best friends are business associates. Lee Hazen of New York, a bridge star who needs no introduction to those who know their top experts, is my attorney; he takes care of most of my...

March 22, 1965 | Whitney Tower
Isle of Greece and Tom Rolfe, a son of Ribot, are colts of classic bearing. Either could be a threat

March 22, 1965

March 22, 1965
•The Rev. Paul L. O'Connor, S.J., Xavier University president, endorsing a new Catholic Athletic Conference proposed by Xavier Athletic Director Jim McCafferty: "It might even encourage some...

March 22, 1965 | John Underwood
Reduced one way or another by the perplexities of their game, a dozen college basketball coaches have become ex-coaches since the season ended. Others may follow. What caused this run of resignations?

March 22, 1965 | Hugh Whall
The America's Cup is the loot that Skipper Charles Morgan has his eye on. The way he goes after it is reminiscent of Morgan the Pirate

March 22, 1965 | Bil Gilbert

March 22, 1965 | Mervin Hyman
The preliminaries were over in the NCAA tournament, but not before they raised an eyebrow or two. Perhaps the biggest surprise of all was Princeton's total demolishment of Providence after the...

March 22, 1965
BASKETBALL—LOS ANGELES clinched the NBA's Western title with a 115-93 win over the Warriors in which Jerry West scored 33 points and Elgin Baylor 32. And just in case there were any doubts left,...

March 22, 1965
20-22—Bruce Roberts from Rapho-Guillumette23—Rich Clarkson24-27—Jack Sheedy and George Long42—Richard Meek56—UPI, London Daily Express-Pictorial Parade59, 62—Roy DeCarava70—Ran Cochron-Cincinnati...

March 22, 1965
Penelope Hahn, 16, of Westbrook, Me., who has held the northeastern junior girls' rifle championship for three years running, swept all of the women's events at the NRA's Northeast sectional...

March 22, 1965
HOME ON THE RANGERSSirs:Congratulations to William Leggett for his perceptive article on the plight of the New York Ranger hockey team and its followers (In New York, Hockey's House Is Not a Home,...

March 22, 1965 | Duncan Barnes
As every duck shooter and bird watcher should know, the future of the 48 different species of ducks, geese and swans that frequent the North American continent has become increasingly precarious...

March 22, 1965 | Parke Cummings
The modern way to keep sports records, i.e., keep track of everything that happens and incorporate it into a statistic—can serve as a boon to a sports-writer, particularly if he does not know much...