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April 05, 1965 | Volume 22, Issue 14

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Jack Nicklaus Cover - Sports Illustrated April 05, 1965

April 05, 1965 | Gilbert Rogin

April 05, 1965
BADMINTON—Four unofficial world titles were settled at the All-England Badminton Championships in London. ERLAND KOPS of Denmark won the men's singles, URSULA SMITH of Britain the women's singles....

April 05, 1965
4—Tony Triolo24, 25—Ray Woolfe Jr.26—Central Press28, 29—Tony Triolo (3), upper right, Ray Woolfe Jr.34-39—Neal Borr from Feldon40—Marvin E. Newman67—Jack Sheedy & George Long93-95—WaJr.lter...

April 05, 1965
Bob Hounsell, North Carolina State swimmer, set two NCAA freshman marks in one day at the University of North Carolina freshman invitational championships in Chapel Hill. He swam the 500-yard...

April 05, 1965
NORTH OF THE BORDERSirs:I would like to thank you very much for printing the letter of A. J. Mcintyre (19TH HOLE, March 22). He brilliantly explained that hockey is a resounding success in Toronto...

April 05, 1965

April 05, 1965
•Abe Martin, TCU football coach, on next fall's prospects: "I'm expecting a good season; I don't know why. Just ignorance, I guess."

April 05, 1965 | Martin Kane

April 05, 1965
Two-For-One night in New York matches Light Heavies José Torres and Willie Pastrano and Welters José Stable and Emile Griffith. Edwin Shrake reports on the fights.

April 05, 1965 | Gwilym S. Brown

April 05, 1965
"I think," wrote Bobby Jones not too long ago, "that the tournament is now quite well entitled to be called the Masters, because it has continued to assemble those who are entitled to be called...

April 05, 1965 | Sidney L. James
As you may have surmised, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED writers are encouraged to express their opinions in their individual, bylined stories. The magazine also has its collective opinion, and the vehicle...

April 05, 1965 | Alfred Wright
Looking back across the valleys of 10, 20 and 30 years and warming oneself in the glow of memories, it seems that of all the dramatic figures who have agitated the peaceful Augusta countryside at...

April 05, 1965 | Dolly Connelly

April 05, 1965 | Jack Mann

April 05, 1965
"Mudville," said Bo Belinsky, "needs a little action. Mamie will Christmas-tree up the place." Excitement spread through the Phillie clubhouse on gusts of freshly applied aftershave. Anticipation...

April 05, 1965 | Mark Kram
It does not happen often, so when Oklahoma State's mighty wrestlers fell in the Nationals the crowd was almost too stunned to cheer. With a doughty display of self-torture, Iowa State won on the...

April 05, 1965 | Charles Goren
In rubber bridge it rarely pays to rescue your partner from a contract you are certain he cannot make, because chances are you will only get into even deeper trouble. Better to let him battle it...

April 05, 1965 | Hugh Whall
Italy's magnificent Ferraris were challenged in the foremost U.S. sports car race by Chaparrals and Fords. This time the challenge succeeded—Jim Hall's Chaparral splashed in first and Fords won...

April 05, 1965 | Duncan Barnes
Ever since the hijacking of airplanes at gunpoint became popular several years ago, commercial airlines have cracked down on sportsmen carrying rifles and shotguns on board. Some understanding...

April 05, 1965 | Thomas F. Moore
The drama knew it was in a fight when Sullivan made an entrance—and when Jim Corbett (left) struck an attitude, he sent it down for the count