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April 26, 1965 | Volume 22, Issue 17

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Sonny Liston Cover - Sports Illustrated April 26, 1965

April 26, 1965
24, 25—Lee Balterman27, 28—James Drake32—Carl Iwasaki37—Jack Sheedy & George Long52, 56—Gerry Cranham71—Virginia Kraft87—Herb Scharfman96—Al Francekevich117—The Seattle Times

April 26, 1965
Peter Carter finished five seasons as starting goalie for the Milton (Mass.) Academy hockey team with a total of 1,541 saves in 74 games. Besides captaining the track team, Carter, an honor...

April 26, 1965
BASKETBALL—LOS ANGELES settled the Western pro playoff with a 117-115 victory over Baltimore in the sixth game. Despite being held to five points in the first quarter by the Bullets' Wally Jones,...

April 26, 1965
HOOPLASirs:Sports Illustrated, Wilt Chamberlain and Bob Ottum should all be commended for such a timely and worthwhile article (My Life in a Bush League, April 12). Sports fans everywhere should...

April 26, 1965 | Robert Cantwell
A gambler named George Smith, back in the 1880s, is generally credited with being the first to keep detailed records of the past performances of race horses. Since he used the information to...

April 26, 1965

April 26, 1965
•Joe Pepitone, Yankee first baseman, on "firsts" in Houston's domed stadium: "I got the first error there by an Italian."

April 26, 1965 | William Leggett

April 26, 1965 | Jack Nicklaus
The man who broke the records at the Masters gives his own account of his tremendous triumph. He discloses that he effected a major change in his game only a month before, and tells how the urging...

April 26, 1965
The record-tying round that Nicklaus shot on the third day of the tournament was the most overpowering in the long history of the Masters. Eight of his drives were more than 300 yards. Twice his...

April 26, 1965
The Kentucky Derby preview features color pictures of the outstanding contenders, along with Whitney Tower's last-minute analysis of their condition at Churchill Downs.

April 26, 1965
The game was not basketball at its best. It was ragged, and most of the players were braced, taped and bandaged, the weary survivors of a pro season that had started back in dim memory. But it had...

April 26, 1965 | Barbara La Fontaine

April 26, 1965 | Sidney L. James
The first Saturday in May at Churchill Downs is not merely the day of the Derby; it is also the climax of all the amiable Kentucky hospitality that traditionally precedes the race—the luncheons,...

April 26, 1965
The first of the mint has already been picked, and it will be a miracle if there is a single sprig left growing in Louisville a week from Sunday. The silver trays and julep cups are shined, the...

April 26, 1965 | Liz Smith
It could only have happened in Louisville, where the Kentucky Derby is the lodestar of local life. A Congress on Better Living met, as it had in other major U.S. cities, to ask the people of...

April 26, 1965 | Robert Morley

April 26, 1965 | Franklin Russell

April 26, 1965 | Franklin Russell

April 26, 1965 | Virginia Kraft
As anyone who has ever followed them knows, retriever trials—all the way back to the first one in 1931—have belonged almost exclusively to the rich. There is nothing in itself wrong with this, and...

April 26, 1965 | Jack Nicklaus
The pleasure of playing a dogleg hole lies in the opportunity it presents off the tee. Depending on your courage and your ability with a drive, the hole can often be made to play just as short or...

April 26, 1965 | Robert H. Boyle
The Storm King fight rages over the Hudson and a conservationist raises questions about missing pictures and spawning grounds

April 26, 1965 | Whitney Tower
Bold Lad (second from right) finished third in the Wood Memorial, while Lucky Debonair lost on a sloppy track at Keeneland. Neither defeat seriously affects the prospects or planning for the...

April 26, 1965 | Trevor O'Brien

April 26, 1965 | Felicia Lee
According to legend, Archytas the Greek philosopher, a contemporary of Socrates, was the world's first kite flyer, but actually, kites have been in use among Asiatic peoples for centuries. The...

April 26, 1965 | William F. Nolan
Aviation itself was young when Kitty Stinson took to the air as a stunt pilot and pioneer night skywriter who outdared the men as The High-flying Schoolgirl