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May 17, 1965 | Volume 22, Issue 20

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Bill Veeck Cover - Sports Illustrated May 17, 1965

May 17, 1965 | Mark Mulvoy
Maybe the NEW YORK Yankees (2-4) are really dead for a change, not just playing possum. Elston Howard and Roger Maris were injured, with Howard out for six weeks. Mickey Mantle's gimpy legs...

May 17, 1965
BASKETBALL—San Francisco and New York, the last-place teams in the two NBA divisions, split the first four choices in the 1965 draft. The Knicks took Princeton's BILL BRADLEY, a territorial pick,...

May 17, 1965
Cover—Neal Barr-Feldon4—Fred Ward-Black Star22, 23—Tony Triolo24, 25—Roy De Carava30, 32—Herb Scharfman42—Phil Bath68—right, London Daily Express-Pictorial Parade70, 73—James Drake76—Shel...

May 17, 1965
Mickey Schad, University of Miami sophomore, took both the singles and doubles titles at the Florida Intercollegiate Tennis Championships in Cape Coral. His opponent in the singles final,...

May 17, 1965
YANKEE YUKSSirs:As an avid Met fan I had until now steadfastly adhered to the axiom set forth by all advocates of Metsomania, i.e., hate the Yankees. Having read Jack Mann's article, A New Comic...

May 17, 1965

May 17, 1965
•Gene Stallings, Texas A&M's new football coach, in a talk to Aggie alumni: "I'll run the football program and you run your banks, feed stores and chicken lots, and we'll get along just fine."

May 17, 1965 | John Underwood
The mayor, Robert T. Couturier, is 24 years old, small, dark, neat, handsome and always modestly swaddled in grays and blacks, as if he had just run off from his confirmation. He is, in fact,...

May 17, 1965 | George Plimpton

May 17, 1965 | Joe Jares
Hordes of Californians left the beaches to go to Omaha, where they dominated the national volleyball championship and proved they can play like Russians do

May 17, 1965
Can the Bee Sting The Bear again? Tex Maule previews the Clay-Liston fight, while Gilbert Rogin reviews the life and winning ways of Angelo Dundee, Clay's manager and ex-trainer.

May 17, 1965 | William Leggett

May 17, 1965 | Coles Phinizy

May 17, 1965 | Sidney L. James
The man on this week's cover is Bill Veeck, whose new book, The Hustler's Handbook, begins on page 87. Veeck has been called many things by many people, but one thing he has never been called is...

May 17, 1965
For the casual tourist Scotland can be a melancholy place, its beauties cloaked in subtleties, its entertainments no more stimulating than tea with milk. But Scotland for fishing, or Scotland for...

May 17, 1965 | Fred R. Smith
We were driving north to Braemar after lunch on the banks of the River Tay one Sunday last August. On the long hill that climbs to the hairpin switchback in the Grampians (it is known as the...

May 17, 1965 | Felicia Lee
How about taking a balloon trip to an unknown destination this summer? This suggestion comes from Ports of Call travel consultants at 19 West 57 Street. Ports of Call is one of several agencies...

May 17, 1965
A lot of people have wondered how an old man like Yogi Berra (below), subjected to the softening effects of a year's layoff and of a managerial term, could regain playing form so quickly. They...

May 17, 1965 | Robert Cantwell
For 78 years lacrosse had been the only sport that really mattered to the men of Homewood, but as they were beaten last week by Navy there were signs that the old Indian game soon will have some...

May 17, 1965 | Dan Jenkins
Pity the poor pro golfer who goes to the Colonial National each year knowing that he has to face tornadoes, trees and the Trinity River

May 17, 1965 | Whitney Tower
The metaphor is mixed, but the task in the Preakness is the same for Willie Shoemaker and Lucky Debonair as it was in the Kentucky Derby

May 17, 1965 | Charles Goren
In contract bridge the double generally means one of two things. One, the takeout double, asks partner to bid his longest suit. The second, the penalty double, asks partner to keep his mouth shut...

May 17, 1965 | Bill Veeck
"A hustler," says Bill Veeck, "is a man who will talk you into giving him a free ride and then make it seem as if he is doing you a great favor. I am a hustler—and I know one when I see one." With...

May 17, 1965 | Bill Veeck
In Part 2 Bill Veeck discloses the unpublished details of the sale of the New York Yankees to CBS—and explains why he thinks the deal may yet be canceled.

May 17, 1965 | Rex Lardner
Frank Litsky has been filing and piling, sorting, clipping and alphabetizing for 30 years, from the time he was 8. He now has 27 feet of bookcases filled floor to ceiling with sports books,...

May 17, 1965 | Bill MacKay
The Crippler and the Mauler were two regular American boys who had a taste for mayhem and staged a school wrestling match with a sense of theater that got a little out of hand