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May 24, 1965 | Volume 22, Issue 21

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Cassius Clay Cover - Sports Illustrated May 24, 1965

May 24, 1965

May 24, 1965
•Gene Autry, Los Angeles Angels' owner, on the Dodger president: "There's nothing in the world I wouldn't do for Walter O'Malley. There's nothing he wouldn't do for me. That's the way it is. We go...

May 24, 1965 | Tex Maule

May 24, 1965 | Bob Ottum

May 24, 1965
Indy champions Rodger Ward and Parnelli Jones talk candidly of the exhausting demands and lethal dangers of America's biggest, richest and most brutal auto race, the 500.

May 24, 1965 | Whitney Tower
A brilliant foreigner whom most American horsemen doubted—although Europeans thought him the greatest—vindicated himself in the Preakness when his sons finished one-two, just a neck apart, after a...

May 24, 1965 | Gilbert Rogin

May 24, 1965 | Sidney L. James
According to Webster's, it is no longer correct to use the verb "illustrate" to mean "to enlighten or illuminate." With all due respect to the philological heirs of Noah Webster, the editors of...

May 24, 1965 | Bill Veeck

May 24, 1965 | Bill Veeck
In Part 3 of The Hustler's Handbook, Bill Veeck reveals the secret of Horace Stoneham's success as a trader. He also explains the mysterious firing of Alvin Dark as Giant manager.

May 24, 1965
Though it conceivably could—and does—annoy the Phillies' other announcers, their perfectionist colleague Richie Ashburn just can't keep quiet when someone muffs a high pop fact. If a colleague...

May 24, 1965 | Hugh Whall
The Fighting Irish of Notre Dame (nautical division) have a long way to go before they catch up to Harvard's oarsmen but, if tenacity and enthusiasm mean anything in crew, they are well on their way

May 24, 1965
As recently as last August the colorful stripes that embellished athletic uniforms had to be earned by playing the game, and the most cherished possessions in a man's wardrobe were the jerseys and...

May 24, 1965 | Jack Mann

May 24, 1965 | John Lovesey
In Stockholm, Floyd Patterson humbled Texan Tod Herring with the hit-and-run style he now admits he should have used against Liston

May 24, 1965
If a beatnik is one whose life is devoted to enjoyment of the here and now with no thought of past or future, the yachtsmen of the Quai St. Pierre in Cannes should be called boatniks. Like Frank...

May 24, 1965 | Carleton Mitchell
Cluttered Mediterranean harbors like this one in Cannes and the sweet life that they encourage turned a lifetime sailboat man and ocean racer into a shameless stinkpotter

May 24, 1965 | Carleton Mitchell
Nearly every big port and fashionable fishing village in the Mediterranean has yacht agencies ready and willing to charter cabin cruisers. Their prices range from $2,000 to $10,000 or more a...

May 24, 1965 | Mark Mulvoy
"Ten, 9, 8, 7...the pitcher starts his wind-up...6, 5, 4, 3, 2,!" DETROIT (6-2) players tried to have the countdown, aimed at rattling the pitcher, reach "contact" just as Willie...

May 24, 1965
BOATING—U.S. Air Force Captain RICHARD TILLMAN won the North American Finn Class championship and Texan BOB MOSBACHER took the English-Speaking Union Cup for Dragon Class boats in two weeks of...

May 24, 1965
4—Gene Fenn22—Fred Kaplan23, 24—Herb Scharfman25—Fred Kaplan27, 29—James Drake30, 31—Jerry Cooke33—Fred Kaplan59—left, Louis Goldman from Rapho-Guillumette60—Art Shay66—Phil Bath95—AP96—Dwain...

May 24, 1965
Harry W. (Skip) Cutting III, who pedaled the 4,000-meter individual pursuit event for the U.S. Olympic team in Tokyo (he placed 16th in a 24-man field), won the 25-mile road race at the Western...

May 24, 1965
ARMS, LEGS, AND THE MANNSirs:What have you got against the Dodgers? First you say Koufax can't pitch anymore, therefore, they can't win the pennant. Well, now he is pitching as good as ever and...