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May 31, 1965 | Volume 22, Issue 22

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 Cover - Sports Illustrated May 31, 1965

May 31, 1965 | Robert Cantwell
The literary works of mid-Victorian explorers managed to make heroism monotonous. Between 1828 and 1880 at least 200 European travelers tried to cross the Sahara Desert, for example, to reach the...

May 31, 1965

May 31, 1965
•Arnold Palmer, accepting a plaque as Flying Athlete of the Year: "If it hadn't been for flying, I wouldn't be playing golf today, because I loathe driving 2,000 miles every Monday."

May 31, 1965 | Dan Jenkins

May 31, 1965 | Mark Kram
Nigeria's Dick Tiger, with an easy win over tough Rubin Carter, proved again that he is as good a middleweight as wary Champion Joey Giardello could hope to find. But will they meet? Joey is in no...

May 31, 1965
New and pleasing power is the hallmark of the 1965 Chicago White Sox, who used to rely on pitching and speed. Now, with big hitting, they are this year's team to beat.

May 31, 1965 | Joe Jares
Manager Luman Harris and his Houston Astros have an electronic accomplice in the dome's show-off scoreboard, which can lead cheers, sass umpires and do everything but pinch-hit

May 31, 1965 | Bob Ottum

May 31, 1965 | Sidney L. James
In the opening pages of this magazine, along with the table of contents and SCORECARD, there are occasional appearances by two other departments that suggest something of the tremendous range and...

May 31, 1965 | Duncan Barnes

May 31, 1965 | Duncan Barnes
Although an ounce of technique is still worth 10 pounds of equipment, the average family will live better and enjoy a backpack trip more by taking along certain "luxury" items recommended by the...

May 31, 1965 | Bill Veeck

May 31, 1965 | Bill Veeck
In Part 4, Bill Veeck describes the maneuvering behind the transfer of the Braves to Atlanta and tells how to buy a ball club on a shoestring.

May 31, 1965
Henry Wade, the Dallas district attorney who became world famous as prosecutor of Jack Ruby, drove in the first run in the annual baseball game between Dallas prosecutors and criminal lawyers....

May 31, 1965 | Gwilym S. Brown
Suddenly New Mexicans are track crazy, a state of mind that can be traced to a man named Hubert

May 31, 1965 | Robert Cantwell
The Canadians, strengthened with recent Olympians, came down in force. In front of absolutely no one, they edged their U.S. hosts as shins got whacked smartly and players of both countries howled...

May 31, 1965 | Charles Goren
The top rank of American women bridge players suffered a severe loss with the sudden death last month of veteran star Ruth Sherman. Miss Sherman won her first national title, the Mixed Team...

May 31, 1965 | Jack Nicklaus
There are two ways to outfit a youngster who is just learning to play golf. You can give him dad's old clubs, cut down to fit him, or buy junior-sized clubs. Either method can be...

May 31, 1965 | Virginia Kraft

May 31, 1965 | Mark Mulvoy
Cleveland (4-3) Outfielder Vic Davalillo is called Yo-Yo, but the moniker should have been applied to the Indians. As usual, they were up and down—winning four, then losing three. General Manager...

May 31, 1965
BOWLING—The classic division all-events title of the American Bowling Congress tournament in St. Paul, the only title that brings a cash prize ($4,000), was won by TOM HENNESSEY of St. Louis, who...

May 31, 1965
Carol Headington, a freshman, entered the University of New Mexico's women's intermural track meet at the last minute to help make up a four-girl team and threw the Softball 216 feet, 6¾ inches,...

May 31, 1965
26—Art Shay, Rich Clarkson27—Stuart Smith, Roy Stevens-FORTUNE29—Herb Scharfman30, 31—Evan Peskin32, 33—AP34—Richard Meek35—Marvin E. Newman, Tony Triolo36—AP50, 51—N.R....

May 31, 1965
WRECKER VEECKSirs:I have just read the first part of Bill Veeck's The Hustler's Handbook (May 17) and find it indeed a pleasure to see him in literary action again. There will, undoubtedly, be...

May 31, 1965 | Roscoe McGowen
The date was Saturday, May 25, 1946, and the visiting Brooklyn Dodgers were pleasantly occupied in beating the perennially second-division Phillies for the 14th straight time in what was then...