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June 21, 1965 | Volume 22, Issue 25

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Mickey Mantle Cover - Sports Illustrated June 21, 1965

June 21, 1965

June 21, 1965
•Minnesota Football Coach Murray Warmath, on Notre Dame's aggressive recruiting: "When you're up against mother, the padre and Ara, the boy is going to Notre Dame."

June 21, 1965 | Jack Mann

June 21, 1965 | John Underwood

June 21, 1965
He grips a steering wheel, not a lance, sits in a sports car, not on a warhorse, but in temperament the visored combatant on the opposite page is of medieval times. He is Chicago Businessman Wayne...

June 21, 1965
Golf's toughest tournament, the U.S. Open, is played in St. Louis over the longest course in its history. Alfred Wright tells how it was won, and how the losers struggled.

June 21, 1965 | Liz Smith

June 21, 1965 | Sidney L. James
Certain people tend to appear on magazine covers over and over again, for the simple and obvious but vital reason that they are important to the field with which the magazine is concerned. In the...

June 21, 1965 | George Weller

June 21, 1965 | Ellington White

June 21, 1965 | Charles Goren
The cheating scandal that exploded in Buenos Aires on the last day of the World Championship so dwarfed the story of Italy's seventh straight victory that this achievement was virtually overlooked.

June 21, 1965 | Alice Higgins
The Devon (Pa.) horse show, scene in 1964 of a near riot by rebellious exhibitors (SI, June 15, 1964), this year featured the stabbing of a trainer just outside the show ring. Despite such...

June 21, 1965 | Mark Kram
Two foreign teams draw an SRO crowd in New York as signs appear of a surge on the scholastic level

June 21, 1965 | James Lipscomb

June 21, 1965 | Herman Weiskopf
Bill Mazeroski surprises people. On his wedding day he surprised his bride when, on a dare, he shoved a plug of chewing tobacco into his mouth as he left the church. Exactly two years and two days...

June 21, 1965
BASEBALL—ARIZONA STATE defeated Ohio State 2-1 in the finals of the College World Series in Omaha to win the national title. The Sun Devils—53-8 for the season, an NCAA record for victories—got...

June 21, 1965
4—Hy Peskin20, 21—AP (2), UPI, AP22, 23—UPI (2), center, Daily News, AP24—UPI, AP25—UPI, Daily News26—Keystone27—James Drake34, 35—Tony Tomsic42—Paul Weller49—Shel Hershorn-Black Star60—Herb...

June 21, 1965
Larry Douglas, 10, a fourth-grader running on the fifth-grade track team of the Dyess Air Force Base Elementary School of Abilene, Texas, set a city AAA record for the 100-yard dash of 12.3. He...

June 21, 1965
YANKEE DIVISIONSirs:I like your magazine very much, except for the fact that your predictions are too premature. Take, for example, the Chicago White Sox. When the Sox eked out two of three games...

June 21, 1965 | Robert Cantwell
Richard Henry Pratt, who founded the Carlisle Indian School in 1879, completed his autobiography in 1923, but no publisher wanted to print it. One trouble was that General Pratt had been...

June 21, 1965 | John Hanlon
One of summer's sporting wonders in New England and eastern Canada in the 1920s and early 1930s was the appearance and performance of Lizzie Murphy as first baseman on men's baseball teams...