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June 28, 1965 | Volume 22, Issue 26

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Harry Parker Cover - Sports Illustrated June 28, 1965

June 28, 1965

June 28, 1965
•Note on the Fort Worth Boat Club bulletin board, during a regatta: "Billy Jackson, your wife had a baby at Harris Hospital. She would like to hear from you."

June 28, 1965
A TENNIS BONANZA: an essay in color on grass court action, a lesson by Bill Talbert on how to serve, and a look at the Richey family of Dallas, for whom tennis is everything.

June 28, 1965 | John Lovesey
An imposing American Ford team was massacred at Le Mans as an underpowered Ferrari from Italy, driven by a myopic American and an unknown Austrian, won the classic French sports car endurance race

June 28, 1965 | Hugh Whall

June 28, 1965 | Sidney L. James
Associate Editor Gwilym Brown, who this week tells the story of the unique resorts run by Laurance Rockefeller, is a Rockefeller chronicler of long standing. Way back in junior year at The...

June 28, 1965 | Jack Mann

June 28, 1965
Earlene Brown, who stands 5 feet 9, weighs 240 pounds and holds the U.S. women's shot-put record, has diverted her ample talents into the professional roller derby circuit (below). Bodies are...

June 28, 1965 | Joe Jares
A cluster of the brightest high school track stars in the U.S. met at Sacramento and turned in some startling, grown-up performances

June 28, 1965 | Charles Goren
According to the most recent U.S. Government classification my number is 0-32.92. This may be less glamorous than the notorious 007, but at least it is fact, not fiction. According to the...

June 28, 1965
The long-nosed mask nestled at right against a volcanic rock beneath a bower of thorny kiawe trees is a most unusual symbol of hospitality. Made of woven cane, its visage decorated with clay and...

June 28, 1965 | Gwilym S. Brown

June 28, 1965 | Herman Weiskopf
Outstanding pitching lifted CLEVELAND (8-0) into the thick of the pennant scramble. Four times in five days the Indians had shutouts: a one-hitter by Luis Tiant, a two-hitter by Sam McDowell and...

June 28, 1965
BILLIARDS—HAROLD WORST, 36, a cue manufacturer from Grand Rapids, won the all-round title at the $30,000 Las Vegas Open plus $4,350 in prize money. Worst also took the one-pocket division of the...

June 28, 1965
25—Neil Leifer, Walter Iooss Jr.26—Neil Leifer28, 31—Walter Iooss Jr.32, 33—Jean Marquis36-38—Paul Williams54—right, New Orleans Times Picayune56, 60—Bob Peterson69-72—Pete Turner of Brackman...

June 28, 1965
Mike Annison, a June graduate of Williams College and the nation's second leading lacrosse goal scorer with a total of 45 for the season, scored a record nine goals during the annual All-Star game...

June 28, 1965
STATUS PLUS QUOSirs:Having just completed your article The Negro Athlete Is Invited Home (June 14), I congratulate Frank Deford on his well-written and informative coverage concerning the lifting...

June 28, 1965 | Paul Stewart
René Lacoste, a French tennis champion of the 1920s, is today perhaps better known for his style of shirts than for his style of play. In his heyday he was called the Alligator—possibly because he...

June 28, 1965 | Frank Graham Jr.
It was a comic opera of a fight, with a lot of laughs and a lot of blood—and starring those talented comedians, Max Baer and Two-Ton Tony Galento