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July 05, 1965 | Volume 23, Issue 1

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Bill Talbert Cover - Sports Illustrated July 05, 1965

July 05, 1965

July 05, 1965
•Archie Williams, 400-meter champion in the 1936 Olympics, on the NCAAAAU feud: "I think track was better in the old days. When you wanted to compete, all you had to do was ask your mother."

July 05, 1965 | Gwilym S. Brown
With tactical cunning and a brilliant burst of speed, 18-year-old Jim Ryun beat the great Peter Snell in a 3:55.3 mile. Earlier another young American, Gerry Lindgren, helped demolish a world mark

July 05, 1965 | Dan Jenkins
In a month better known for brides and sunstroke, the 1965 football season got underway with an all-star preview of the biggest, fastest and richest crop of rookies to dazzle the professional...

July 05, 1965
The biggest daddy of them all is dead. Adios, whose brilliant sons and daughters dominate modern harness racing much as Hambletonian's progeny did a century ago, died last week in a weathered...

July 05, 1965 | Gerald Holland

July 05, 1965
Maury Wills, base stealer, banjo player and raconteur, is a key figure in the Dodgers' surprising revival this year. William Leggett reports on an exciting and appealing baseball player.

July 05, 1965
Those who love tennis will play anytime and anywhere, at dawn or midnight, in rain or snow, on concrete or quicksand. But for tennis at its best there is nothing like grass on a warm summer...

July 05, 1965 | Sidney L. James
For the second year in a row we are presenting a special tennis package, beginning on page 32. The number of tennis players in this country, I am told, has doubled since World War II, and this...

July 05, 1965 | Bill Talbert
If you have the ability to throw a ball and the patience to practice, you can learn how to hit the most important stroke in tennis. Learn to hit it well and you are going to be hard to beat

July 05, 1965 | Frank Deford
Under the omnipresent eye of their father, Cliff and Nancy Richey, talented but often misunderstood, are united in their passion to become the best players in the world

July 05, 1965
Seldom had it ever been so important for Father to win the fathers' race at a school sports day. Six-year-old Clive and 4-year-old Thurston Bannister, who had heard that the old man was a pretty...

July 05, 1965 | Jack Mann
Deserted by the luck that kept them free of injuries last season, the St. Louis Cardinals find themselves marginally bad enough to lose, just as they were marginally good enough to be World...

July 05, 1965 | John Underwood

July 05, 1965 | Herman Weiskopf
AMERICAN LEAGUEAt times only two games separated first place from fifth. Still in the thick of it was CLEVELAND (5-2), which a month earlier had been sixth. Since then the Indians have played .758...

July 05, 1965
BOATING—No one was any finer than 58-foot DYNA in the Annapolis-to-Newport race. Clayton Ewing's aluminum-hulled yawl, which once raced 1,000 miles without a rudder, completed the 468-mile course...

July 05, 1965
17—Walter Iooss Jr.18—Robert Huntzinger19-22—Ray Woolfe Jr.23—Beacon Foto41-44—Walter Iooss Jr.48-51—Shel Hershorn-Black Star52—Keystone, UPI54—Herb Scharfman58-61—Lynn Pelham from...

July 05, 1965
MANTLED IN GLORYSirs:Thank you. For the first time this season I have read an unbiased and completely truthful article about the Yankees (Decline and Fall of a Dynasty, June 21). When I first saw...