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July 12, 1965 | Volume 23, Issue 2

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Maury Wills Cover - Sports Illustrated July 12, 1965

July 12, 1965

July 12, 1965
•Gene Mauch, Phillies manager, defining a spitball: "It's a nasty little thing that Bob Shaw of the Giants throws very well."

July 12, 1965 | Jim Minter

July 12, 1965 | John Lovesey
Vesper used England's famed Henley Regatta to settle a private American feud with touted Harvard, but a vengeance-minded crew from Germany turned both of them into also-rans by upsetting the...

July 12, 1965 | Joe Jares
Whether our girls have caught up with the Soviets will be disclosed at Kiev this month. But last week's AAU women's track and field meet produced a blend of talent and beauty that is hard to beat

July 12, 1965 | Gwilym S. Brown
Changes were expected when Mickey Wright left the ladies' tour, and a big one came fast as young Carol Mann, who has the build of a whooping crane and the personality of a puppy, won the Women's Open

July 12, 1965
Some women are impossible to please. Take Mary Kathryn Wright, for instance. It should be enough to be young, to be blonde, to be prosperous, to be her country's top woman athlete, to play golf...

July 12, 1965
The pennant race in the American League is a confusing tangle of surprising teams. Jack Mann reports on some of the new players and sizes up the situation at midseason.

July 12, 1965 | Carleton Mitchell
Horseplayers have their Churchill Downs, golfers their Augusta. To yachtsmen the name that matters is Cowes, home port of Britain's Royal Yacht Squadron. Each year in August, the Royal and other...

July 12, 1965 | William Leggett

July 12, 1965 | Sidney L. James
Mary Hemingway, whose story, To Parajiso With Papa and 'Pilar,' begins on page 62 of this issue, spent the summers during her girlhood on a 150-foot sternwheeler—the Northland—on a wilderness lake...

July 12, 1965
Unannounced, Vice-President Hubert Horatio Humphrey dropped into Loring Air Force Base at Limestone, Me. while returning from a mission Cloaked in Secrecy. Then came the leak: the Vice-President...

July 12, 1965 | George Crozier
Plagued for nearly a year by cold and numbness that made it impossible for him even to hold a golf club correctly, Ken Venturi is now recovering from surgery at the Mayo Clinic and may be swinging...

July 12, 1965 | Paul Stewart
Like astronauts in orbit, the aerial gymnasts on these pages counteract the force of gravity as they volley the ball in a fast-moving new game called Space-ball. George Nissen devised the game, a...

July 12, 1965 | Eric Whitehead
Accidentally trapped on the coast of British Columbia, a 22-foot killer whale may change the evil reputation of the species if it continues to play like a porpoise, talk to humans and enjoy its...

July 12, 1965 | Mary Hemingway

July 12, 1965 | Mark Mulvoy

July 12, 1965
GOLF—Overcoming bogeys on two of the first four holes of the final round, CAROL MANN of Tow-son, Md., won the National Women's Open Championship at the Atlantic City (N.J.) Country Club with an...

July 12, 1965
4—Bill Ray-LIFE16—Robert Connell-Atlanta Journal17—Lee Balterman, Jay B. Leviton, Myron H. Davis-LIFE18, 19—James Drake22, 23—Walter Iooss Jr.24—James Drake41—David Sutton-Vista47—Keystone, Don...

July 12, 1965
Jim Thornton of Royal Oak, Mich., an engineer who races stock cars for fun, drove a 1965 Corvette sedan to a world record 138.46 mph in the factory-experimental ultra-stock-injected category at...

July 12, 1965
CANDIDATESirs:You don't have to look any farther for a Sportsman of the Year for 1965. In the highest sense of the term, Gary Player wins the title hands down. In these days of crass...