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July 19, 1965 | Volume 23, Issue 3

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Joe Namath Cover - Sports Illustrated July 19, 1965

July 19, 1965 | Jack Mann

July 19, 1965 | John Lovesey

July 19, 1965 | Hugh Whall
Which crew is really No. 1? The Vespers thought they had answered the question in Tokyo, but Ratzeburg beat them two weeks ago at Henley and last week settled the matter in a furious row-off in...

July 19, 1965 | Frank Deford

July 19, 1965
Arnold Palmer is recognized as the master of golf's trouble shots, a man renowned for hitting the ball into woods and weeds and then successfully smashing it out again. In a three-part series that...

July 19, 1965 | Duncan Barnes
In the obsessive world of big-game angling no trophy is more difficult to acquire than the broad bill swordfish. Last year only one was boated during the annual Deep Sea Anglers Club swordfish...

July 19, 1965 | Edwin Shrake

July 19, 1965 | Sidney L. James
During the past fortnight or so, the byline of Staff Writer John Lovesey has appeared over three major stories from well-separated European sporting venues: Le Mans (June 28 issue), the Henley...

July 19, 1965
On the water after 5, at the game after dark and in zealously air-conditioned clubhouses there is nothing like a lightweight sweater

July 19, 1965
After helping Princess Margaret preside over the opening of the Manx Tynwald (parliament to non-Manx), Lord Snowdon donned black leather jacket, crash helmet and steel-tipped racing boots (below)...

July 19, 1965 | Jack Nicklaus
Many golfers make the mistake of thinking that a high-compression ball—that is, one wound very tightly—will automatically give the most distance. But more often than not. the reverse is true. To...

July 19, 1965 | Charles Goren
A few years back the name of Charles Lochridge was frequently found in the winners' lists of the big bridge tournaments. Nowadays, since he rarely plays anything but rubber bridge, Lochridge is...

July 19, 1965 | Patricia Ryan
By Hambletonian day Joe O'Brien hopes to persuade Armbro Flight that she can beat all of the boys

July 19, 1965 | Robert H. Boyle

July 19, 1965

July 19, 1965
•Joe Louis: "Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die."

July 19, 1965 | Mark Mulvoy
NATIONAL LEAGUECINCINNATI (4-2) and LOS ANGELES (4-4) came to the All-Star break virtually tied for first place. The Reds and Dodgers scored 21 runs apiece in their three-game series, but the Reds...

July 19, 1965
ARCHERY—BILL' BEDNAR of Suffield, Ohio rallied from a tie for fourth in the final round to win his second Professional Archers Association national championship in three years in Detroit. In the...

July 19, 1965
4—Gerry Cranham19—Alan Clifton20-27—Hans Knopf-Pix, Inc.37—Gary Settle-Topeka Capital-Journal50—Jay Maisel51-53—Robert Phillips54—London Daily Express-Pictorial, Ken Regan60—Walter Iooss...

July 19, 1965
Joe Mills, a Dallas horse trainer who took up archery three years ago and is now ranked third nationally, won the Southern Tri-State Field Archery title in Jackson, Miss., with a score of 1,060,...

July 19, 1965
OFF THE MARKSirs:In the past I have been opposed to the interference of the Federal Government in sports such as baseball and boxing. However, because of the present unfortunate, ridiculous and...

July 19, 1965 | Robert Cantwell
The slowest modern car now in regular production is the Argentine-built Dinarg D-200, a brisk, stubby little compact which, with its 10.6-horscpower motor wide open, can attain a maximum speed of...

July 19, 1965 | John Pazereskis
The decked canoe, once a curiosity to all but Eskimos, has become a pleasure craft of many uses in river and sea