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August 23, 1965 | Volume 23, Issue 8

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Tony Oliva Cover - Sports Illustrated August 23, 1965

August 23, 1965 | William Leggett

August 23, 1965 | John Underwood

August 23, 1965 | Alfred Wright

August 23, 1965
Our Davis Cuppers, still underdogs, now invade Barcelona to play Spain. Frank Deford goes with them to record this latest skirmish on the long road to the Challenge Round.

August 23, 1965
As is well known, there are no bullfights in New York, not even at Shea Stadium. There is, nevertheless, a Club Taurino. Its members include a River dale dentist, a Philadelphia salesman, a...

August 23, 1965 | Garry Valk
Controversy seems to be an essential ingredient of American sport, not a byproduct. Any good contest is likely to mean a good argument in the letters column, and a bad contest an even better one....

August 23, 1965 | Y. A. Tittle

August 23, 1965 | Y. A. Tittle
Y. A. Tittle concludes the story of his pro football career with a frank analysis of what went awry in the last disastrous year.

August 23, 1965 | Jule Campbell
It is enough to bust the heartstrings of a true Gaullist. In the midst of a campaign to rid the French language of Americanisms, the popularity of "Bonanza" on TV and a string of Western movies...

August 23, 1965 | Jack Nicklaus
So many good shots are hit by the golfer who can keep his head steady throughout the swing and so many bad ones by the golfer who cannot that mastering this fundamental is obviously worth all the...

August 23, 1965
Arnold Palmer climaxed a long stretch of bad luck by taking two bizarre two-stroke penalties on home grounds at the PGA in Ligonier, Pa. One private suffering along in Arnie's Army was more...

August 23, 1965 | Bob Ottum
This was to have been the most festive week that Portillo, Chile had ever seen. But five feet of new snow a day and a tragic avalanche canceled Portillo's first ski carnival and threatened its...

August 23, 1965 | Coles Phinizy

August 23, 1965 | Mark Mulvoy

August 23, 1965
BOATING—The Admiral's Cup, a four-race series for ocean-racing yachts in British waters, was won by GREAT BRITAIN for the fourth time. The British team of three boats compiled 420 points to...

August 23, 1965
Fabien Mang, 16, pitched three no-hitters, four one-hitters, struck out 165 men in 79 innings and hit six home runs to lead his Tulane Shirts of New Orleans team to the American Legion state...

August 23, 1965
16-19—Herb Scharfman20-23—James Drake24-31—Walter Iooss Jr.40, 41—George Long-TIME, Lee Balterman42—Bill Ray-LIFE55—AP56-58—Marvin E. Newman63—Svenskt Pressfoto64—UPI68—Robert Bourdon-LIFE EN...

August 23, 1965
WASTED ENERGYSirs:After watching our performance in the U.S.-U.S.S.R. track meet, I would like to offer a few comments of my own. Our defeat was no disaster in itself. The usual post-Olympic...

August 23, 1965

August 23, 1965
•Bob Aspromonte, Houston third baseman, on his recent batting slump: "I've heard of guys going 0 for 15, or 0 for 25, but I was 0 for July."

August 23, 1965 | Robert Cantwell
In the opening scene of James Fenimore Cooper's The Pioneers a party of travelers on a wilderness road saw a fine buck leap from the woods before them. Shots were fired. The buck "sprang to a...

August 23, 1965 | Ray Conaway
The doctor, rhyming his report, advised this chap to take up sport. Our hero, paunchy but astute, picked up a BB gun to shoot. Helped by his fierce Chihuahua dog, he swigged his gin and bagged his...