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August 30, 1965 | Volume 23, Issue 9

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Michel Jazy Cover - Sports Illustrated August 30, 1965

August 30, 1965 | Jack Mann
An exciting showdown series between the pennant-chasing Dodgers and Giants explodes into one of the bloodiest brawls in baseball history

August 30, 1965 | William Leggett
Not even in the most chauvinistic dreams of Warren Crandall Giles was the National League expected to come up with such a bewildering, interesting and potentially profitable pennant race as it now...

August 30, 1965 | Pat Ryan
The Florida blonde above may have stolen the show, but a New York brunette got the trophy when golf's teen-age girls, who look like dolls and compete like tigers, played a national championship on...

August 30, 1965 | Frank Deford
The Spaniards were magnificent, the crowds understandably noisy and Dennis Ralston a nervous wreck. When he lost the U.S. team crashed with him at the colorful Davis Cup matches in Barcelona

August 30, 1965 | Mark Kram

August 30, 1965
World games sometimes arc deadly serious contests, particularly when they pit Iron Curtain countries against the West. From Budapest, a report on the collegiate Olympics.

August 30, 1965 | Edwin Shrake

August 30, 1965 | Garry Valk
London, Paris, Beirut, Helsinki, Hamburg, Barcelona, Addis Ababa. Although that may read like one of those seven-day economy tours, it is just a sampling of the foreign cities to which SPORTS...

August 30, 1965 | Y. A. Tittle

August 30, 1965 | Charles Goren
Chicago supplanted Los Angeles as the Bridge Capital of North America this month, capturing the SPORTS ILLUSTRATED trophy in what was probably the most exciting intercity match yet played in the...

August 30, 1965 | Whitney Tower
Candidates for 3-year-old honors narrowed to a hard-running pair as Hail To All won the Travers and Tom Rolfe trained for the Paris turf

August 30, 1965 | Robert A. Hackett
Undefeated and never extended, the latest star in a wave of trotting superhorses should capture The Hambletonian and the Triple Crown

August 30, 1965 | Bil Gilbert

August 30, 1965 | Mark Mulvoy

August 30, 1965

August 30, 1965
•Chi Chi Rodriguez, on the sudden appearance of a transplanted tree on the 3rd fairway during the PGA Championship: "I thought only God could make a tree, but I forgot about the PGA."

August 30, 1965
BOATING Two-man crews of U.S. university students, sailing 12-foot Fireflies for three days on Welsh Harp Lake near London in a best-of-nine-races competition with the British, won the Lipton Cup,...

August 30, 1965
16-19—Rich Clarkson20, 23—David Lees33-39—Paris-Match-Pictoriol Parade41—Hubert LeCampion for Reporters Associes-LIFE42, 43—Morris Berman-Pittsburgh Post-Gazette47—Don Ornitz-Globe53—Walter Iooss...

August 30, 1965
Ken Prigg won seven titles and broke two records in the 11-to-12-year-old division of the Delaware AAU Swimming Championships in Wilmington. The seventh-grader, who works out three times daily,...

August 30, 1965
BOOMERANGSirs:In regard to Jim Brosnan's article about the Cincinnati Reds (Boom Go the Big Red Bats, Aug. 16), I wish to voice my dissent. With or without a revitalized O'Toole the Reds still...