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October 11, 1965 | Volume 23, Issue 15

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Ken Willard Cover - Sports Illustrated October 11, 1965

October 11, 1965
BOXING—Unranked Philadelphia welterweight PERCY MANNING (16-3) won a unanimous 10-round decision over ninth-ranked José Stable of New York at the Philadelphia Arena. Stable, whose record is now...

October 11, 1965
4—drawing by Marc Simont28, 29—Art Shay31—Jack Sheedy and George Long32, 33—Jerry Cooke34-39—Bob Peterson41—drawing by Marc Simont48—Shel Hershorn-Black Star66—AP69, 70—Brian Seed72—Herb...

October 11, 1965
Steve Mahoney, 12, of the City Champion Duval team in the North Leominster (Mass.) Little League gave up only 14 hits in 14 appearances during the season, while striking out 187 batters in 89...

October 11, 1965
BEATING A DEAD BALLSirs:It would certainly seem to me a magazine of your high caliber would check the facts before printing anything like your statement in FOOTBALL'S WEEK (Sept. 27) about the...

October 11, 1965

October 11, 1965
•Dick Sisler, Cincinnati Red manager, on Sandy Koufax's elbow: "If his elbow hurts him, it certainly isn't between the first and ninth innings."

October 11, 1965 | John Underwood
Georgia! Georgia! The poor little Bulldogs proved their Alabama victory was no fluke by whomping Michigan's giants

October 11, 1965
The world series between the Minnesota Twins and the Los Angeles Dodgers is now under way. Here the moments that count are analyzed—and photographed in full color.

October 11, 1965 | William Leggett
Three players who did not own a headline among them last spring are typical of the unsung Dodgers who provided a championship supporting cast for stars like Sandy Koufax, Don Drysdale and Maury Wills

October 11, 1965 | Whitney Tower
America's Tom Rolfe and a flock of crack Thoroughbreds from England, Ireland and the Continent went to Longchamp for a true championship test, but the first four horses to finish were all French

October 11, 1965 | Tex Maule

October 11, 1965 | Garry Valk
Marc Simont, who modestly illustrates Russell Baker's wry look at the Washington Senators (page 40), has appeared in SPORTS ILLUSTRATED'S pages 66 times in the last decade. He obviously is one of...

October 11, 1965 | Russell Baker
Now that the Senators have clinched a pennant, after being safely removed to Minnesota, a capital-wise columnist for The New York Times feels free to disclose that presidential intervention was...

October 11, 1965
Football may not be king at the University of Alabama, but it lives like one in the ultimate of athletic dormitories. Coach Paul (Bear) Bryant's palace-away-from-home for proven players cost $1...

October 11, 1965 | Gwilym Brown
On a weekend filled with upsets, there were strange scores and last-ditch victories. SMU, crushed 42-0 by Illinois the week before, tied and almost beat Purdue, the nation's top-ranked team....

October 11, 1965 | Gwilym Brown
THE BACK: Quarterback Allen McCune of West Virginia passed Pitt dizzy in the dizziest game in years. He completed 18 of 25 passes, including touchdown throws of 72, 14, 17, 15 and 59 yards, and...

October 11, 1965 | Gwilym Brown
USC OVER WASHINGTONQuick USC will run through the suddenly porous Huskies.

October 11, 1965 | Virginia Kraft

October 11, 1965
"It's more fun than stealing bases," said Maury Wills, as he donned a red-and-white-striped vest, picked up a five-string banjo and joined a Dixieland band (below) in St. Louis' Gaslight Square...

October 11, 1965 | Alfred Wright
With the skyline of Madrid as a backdrop and a Civil War battlefield to compete on, South Africa's Gary Player overcame a sore neck and the world's best golf teams to lead his country to its first...

October 11, 1965 | Mark Mulvoy

October 11, 1965 | Charles Goren
A pitcher who once did an occasional job of low-bridging enemy batters found himself in high bridge circles for the first time at the recent Lone Star Sectional tournament in Houston and gave a...

October 11, 1965 | Alice Higgins
Briskly run and featuring some stellar horsemanship, the state fair at Louisville was a galloping success, except for a silly pony class

October 11, 1965 | Floyd Patterson