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October 25, 1965 | Volume 23, Issue 17

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Bill Russell Cover - Sports Illustrated October 25, 1965

October 25, 1965
Vivien Birch, an assistant librarian nourished by fruit, honey, oxtail soup and the desire to earn money for charity, walked the 54 miles from Brighton, Sussex, to London's Brentford in 17 hours...

October 25, 1965
4—Bill Young-San Francisco Chronicle28—Herb Scharfman30, 31—Antonio Halik33—Fred Kaplan51—Sheedy & Long52, 53—Leviton-Atlanta54—Walter Iooss Jr.66—cartoon by DERO from L'Equipe71—Joseph...

October 25, 1965
BASEBALL—The YOMIURI GIANTS of Tokyo clinched their 10th Central League pennant in 15 years and will meet the NANKAI HAWKS, the Pacific League champions, in the Japanese World Series.

October 25, 1965
HOLY WARSirs:Floyd Patterson's article, Cassius Clay Must Be Beaten (Oct. 11), was interesting. That is, as long as Floyd talked about boxing. The thing that Patterson should try to realize is...

October 25, 1965

October 25, 1965
•Coach Duffy Daugherty, asked how so many Hawaiians like Dick Kenney, his barefooted kicker, got to Michigan State: "First, they swim to California."

October 25, 1965 | Dan Jenkins

October 25, 1965 | William Leggett
The best pitcher in baseball proved to be the difference between two very different ball clubs. And an odd World Series should give the downtrodden American League real hope for the future

October 25, 1965
The winging cardinals are disproving the notion that they cannot stand success and are soaring toward the NFL's Eastern championship. Edwin Shrake tells of the flight plan.

October 25, 1965 | Bob Ottum
Because the site of the 1968 Olympic Games is a mile and a half above sea level, an experimental Little Olympics was held to test the high altitude's effect on athletes. Conclusions? The best man...

October 25, 1965 | Bill Russell

October 25, 1965 | Garry Valk
The man whose appearance on the cover this week signalizes the return of pro basketball is someone who could pose as a practicing psychologist anywhere. Or so Boston's Bill Russell insists,...

October 25, 1965

October 25, 1965 | Mervin Hyman
Arkansas survived and so, by handsome margins, did Nebraska and Michigan State. But where a week before there were 18 unbeaten and untied major teams, now at midseason there were only eight. Gone,...

October 25, 1965 | Mervin Hyman
THE BACK: Quarterback Billy Fletcher was all Memphis State needed to shock Mississippi State 33-13. He passed for 257 yards and three touchdowns, ran for 94 yards and a score, kicked two field...

October 25, 1965 | Mervin Hyman
USC OVER NOTRE DAMEThe Irish want revenge. They'll get Garrett instead.

October 25, 1965
For years the American girl gunner had to poach on the men's sporting-goods shops for her shooting clothes, and she often ended up looking like Annie Oakley. This fall, however, women's field...

October 25, 1965
Twelve-year-old Robin Ogle of Darrtown, Ohio, is a switch hitter, something slightly unusual in a Little Leaguer. In Robin's case, however, it should not be unexpected. His grandfather, with whom...

October 25, 1965 | Jack Nicklaus
The two most important things to keep in mind when exploding from sand are 1) that the swing should be a normal one and 2) that the grip should be choked down somewhat at address. Too many people...

October 25, 1965 | Edwin Shrake
Gargantuan Tom Sestak is the key to the Buffalo Bills' title prospects despite his own damaged knee and his opponents' baleful attentions

October 25, 1965 | Whitney Tower
They threw an entry at Priceless Gem in the Champagne and upheld the honor of the colts. Meanwhile, the future of Ribot was a big question

October 25, 1965 | Walter R. Bimson

October 25, 1965 | Walter R. Bimson
WALTER R. BIMSON, the author, chairman of the board of the Valley National Bank, Phoenix. COLONEL WILLIAM STIRLING, the host, owner and operator of Keir, a 50,000-acre Scottish estate that his...

October 25, 1965 | Robert Cantwell
About midday on April 5, 1932 a magnificent horse from Australia named Phar Lap died suddenly in a guarded stall at a training farm near San Francisco. For most Americans that marked the beginning...

October 25, 1965 | Hugh Whall
The breakers were like snowy mountains set loose as two sailors in an 18-foot Pacific Catamaran moved precariously through them only yards from the glittering beaches of Oahu

October 25, 1965 | Gerald Holland
Like coaches looking for promising football players, college bandmasters scout the high schools for tuba players and trumpeters