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November 01, 1965 | Volume 23, Issue 18

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Charley Johnson Cover - Sports Illustrated November 01, 1965

November 01, 1965 | John Underwood

November 01, 1965 | William Leggett
Two years of delay made gentlemanly Dick Tiger seethe, and a new-found jab paid off as he took the middleweight championship from Joey Giardello in a lively battle of stylists at Madison Square Garden

November 01, 1965 | Pat Ryan
Twenty men are about to decide whether a famous horse race should stay in rural southern Illinois or move to the big city, but the issue goes far deeper than mere choice of a site for trotting's...

November 01, 1965
Another season of major league hockey is just beginning in six cities of North America. There will be some new faces on the ice and some old faces in new places. And the whole season will be...

November 01, 1965
"Pig, Sooey!" may become a fashionable cry as Arkansas lives up to its reputation as a new college football dynasty. Dan Jenkins takes you inside Frank Broyles's powerhouse.

November 01, 1965 | Edwin Shrake

November 01, 1965 | Garry Valk
In one of the early issues of this magazine there was an essay about the songs that undergraduates sing to inspire their teams to victory—the eye-opening anthem of Rice, Owls! Awake and Sing, the...

November 01, 1965 | Mervin Hyman
While defense took a holiday, a lot of big games that should have been close were turned into a shambles by a horde of smashing runners who picked this weekend to finally catch up with the...

November 01, 1965 | Mervin Hyman
THE BACK: Utah State Halfback Roy Shivers, long a favorite of the pro scouts, scored three touchdowns, one on a 48-yard punt return, and threw an 89-yard scoring pass as the unbeaten Aggies beat...

November 01, 1965 | Mervin Hyman
SYRACUSE OVER PITTBetter defenses than Pitt's have not been able to stop Little.

November 01, 1965 | Hugh Whall

November 01, 1965
Wrapped in bandages and propped in a hospital bed in Moscow, Valeri Brumel placidly played chess with his wife Marina as if nothing at all had changed (below). There was at least hope that it...

November 01, 1965 | William Furlong
Seven years ago the author eavesdropped on a secret session of club owners considering major league expansion. Here he reveals how a colleague pulled the same trick on the same people as they...

November 01, 1965 | Jack Nicklaus
In most discussions of the golf grip excessive attention is paid to how many knuckles should be visible or which eyeball the Vs should point at, and too little to how the fingers should actually...

November 01, 1965 | Charles Goren
For the first time in 13 years a country other than Italy, Great Britain or France will represent Europe in the World Championship team matches when the 1966 Bermuda Bowl event is played in St....

November 01, 1965 | Bil Gilbert

November 01, 1965

November 01, 1965
•Chuck Studley, University of Cincinnati football coach, on Tulsa's bulky line: "They play a five-man line—six wouldn't fit across the field."

November 01, 1965
BASKETBALL—NBA: At the end of the first 10 days of the season, PHILADELPHIA (2-0) held first place in the East, followed by NEW YORK (2-1), which defeated the Lakers and split two with the...

November 01, 1965
Terry Greenhoe, 10, won his third consecutive Ford Motor Co. pass, punt and kick contest, the Copper County (Mich.) finals in Houghton, with a 186-yard total for his best in each event. Terry is...

November 01, 1965
20, 21—Herb Scharfman23—Garry Winogrand, John G. Zimmerman30-32—Rich Clarkson37, 38—Art Shay41—James Drake42, 43—Walter Iooss Jr.44—Neil Leifer54-59—Sheedy & Long60—Sovfoto, Herb...

November 01, 1965
DOGS' DAYSirs:After seeing the Georgia-Michigan game, your John Underwood must have been very sad that his favorite team, which indubitably is Michigan, failed to win (Not Just an Old Sweet Song,...