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November 15, 1965 | Volume 23, Issue 20

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Ted Johnson Cover - Sports Illustrated November 15, 1965

November 15, 1965 | Dick Miles

November 15, 1965 | Paul Stewart
The new Rosemount ski boot may look as futuristic as an astronaut's space shoe, but it is touted as a practical breakthrough for the recreational skier. Rosemount, a Minnesota company, is...

November 15, 1965
BASEBALL—Shozo Doi's run-scoring single in the bottom of the ninth inning of the fifth game of Japan's World Series gave the YOMIURI GIANTS a 3-2 win over the Nankai Hawks and the Series...

November 15, 1965
4—John G. Zimmerman33, 34—Marvin E. Newman36—Lee Balterman37—Curt Gunther77, 78—Bob Peterson85—AP, Central Press-Pictorial86—Rich Clarkson125—Ray Cary-Albuquerque Journal, AP, Freudy Photos

November 15, 1965
Ray Broscovak Jr., 15, riding for Chicago's Windy City Wheelmen, placed first in the inaugural Barrington (Ill.) Hills Bicycle Race—40 miles through the hills of the Chicago suburb. The time prize...

November 15, 1965
BACK TO THE MINORSSirs:Say it ain't so, SI. Tell me, please, that The Hambletonian Society, whose race is the epitome of inexpensive family fun and entertainment, isn't really thinking of moving...

November 15, 1965

November 15, 1965
•Frank Howard, Clemson coach, after his football team's consecutive victories by scores of 3-2 and 3-0: "I put Drysdale in today against TCU. I used Sandy last week against Duke."

November 15, 1965 | John Underwood

November 15, 1965
Clay vs. Patterson is only days away. Gilbert Rogin previews the big fight with an inside look at the training and an assessment of the strategy each boxer hopes to follow.

November 15, 1965 | Joe Jares

November 15, 1965 | Martin Kane

November 15, 1965 | Garry Valk
The trouble with powder-snow enthusiasts is that they can't keep a good thing quiet. As much as they'd like other people to stay off the cottony snow, powder people insist on telling anyone who...

November 15, 1965 | Liz Smith

November 15, 1965
The great danger in skiing powder snow is not that one might disappear into its bottomless fluff but that all other forms of skiing will forever after lose their charm. In comparison with this...

November 15, 1965 | Eddie Morris
The best powder instructor in the country is Eddie Morris, assistant director of Alf Engen's ski school in Alta, Utah. Morris is a calm and reasonable man—good to have around on a first encounter...

November 15, 1965 | Fred R. Smith
The ski resorts of the Rocky Mountains owe an enormous debt to the Sierras and the Cascades. The mountains along the Pacific coast thrust their teeth into the prevailing weather as it moves west...

November 15, 1965
The fright masks on the facing page and the ballooning parkas that follow are not just high-mountain high jinks but serious insulation against the chill of deep-powder country. The conditions that...

November 15, 1965 | Emmett Watson
Sophomores had their biggest Saturday as Houston's Warren McVea finally popped loose to upset Ole Miss, UCLA's Gary Beban ran and passed his team through Washington and Tennessee's Charlie Fulton...

November 15, 1965 | Emmett Watson
THE BACK: Despite sophomore Quarterback Gary Beban's 58-yard touchdown pass and one-yard scoring plunge, UCLA trailed Washington 24-14. So Beban ran 60 yards for another score, passed 60 for the...

November 15, 1965 | Emmett Watson
PENN STATE OVER NAVYThe Lions move the ball well enough to beat Navy's blitz.

November 15, 1965
In Ohio the man who has the governor's ear is the man who has the wit to drop by one of Columbus' neighborhood bowling alleys. A newsman came by this intelligence the other evening when, along...

November 15, 1965 | Edwin Shrake
Unloved Al Davis and his outcasts jolted Houston and climbed to second in the AFL's turbulent West

November 15, 1965 | Virginia Kraft
Fishermen can work the banks or cast from the gravel bars, but more big autumn steelheads are caught by floating down the untamed Rogue

November 15, 1965 | Robert Cantwell
Drive over one of the expressways to a University of Michigan football game and you rarely see a road sign pointing to Ann Arbor. The signs merely read EXIT TO STADIUM. The stadium was built in...

November 15, 1965 | James Norman
The Mexican 'charreada,' forerunner of the rodeo, is a highly stylized, almost ritual form of horsemanship—and among the most brilliant of its performers is a retired U.S. Marine Corps officer