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January 31, 1966 | Volume 24, Issue 5

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Stan Mikita Cover - Sports Illustrated January 31, 1966

January 31, 1966 | William Barry Furlong

January 31, 1966 | Gwilym S. Brown
They have a word for it in Kipchoge Keino's native Swahili, and it means a new experience. Running indoors and on boards for the first time last weekend, the exceptional Kenya policeman ran two...

January 31, 1966 | Martin Kane

January 31, 1966 | Duncan Barnes
The finest field-trial retriever in the country is National Champion Martens Little Smoky, the 6-year-old Labrador seen at right driving through a cornfield to retrieve a pheasant. In a demanding...

January 31, 1966
An exotic diet has made Billy Casper a thin golfer but a stout foe. Edwin Shrake tells how strange allergies to things like gas heat and foam rubber led Billy to reshape Casper.

January 31, 1966 | William Leggett

January 31, 1966 | Garry Valk
The search by sportsmen for the prized deep-water game fish of the world—the giant bluefin tuna and the great billfish—is almost entirely a preoccupation of the 20th century. The venerated Dr....

January 31, 1966 | Alfred Wright
For three days all eyes were on golf's famed figures, but then both players and gallery met a fellow named Massengale

January 31, 1966 | Frank Deford
Kansas handled its traditional rival with ease last week, and now it has a skillfull backcourt recruit in the quest for national honors

January 31, 1966 | Whitney Tower
The early challenger for the No. 1 spot at Churchill Downs, beautifully bred Graustark, was still unbeaten after opening his classic season at Hialeah. Only the 2-year-old champion, Buckpasser,...

January 31, 1966 | Jack Olsen

January 31, 1966
BASKETBALL—NBA: BOSTON (31-14) split four games but clung to its half-game Eastern Division lead over CINCINNATI (31-15), which split two. The Royals beat the Lakers 119-108 to climb within one...

January 31, 1966
14—Lee Balterman17—Phil Bath18, 19—Sheedy & Long36—Neil Leifer40, 41—Walter Iooss Jr.42—Rich Clarkson45—Jim Raftery-Turfotos54—Sydney Sun, Bramac Studio, Miami-Metro News Bureau, Max...

January 31, 1966
Michael Wenden, 16, of Sydney, broke two Australian swimming records in his 200-meter freestyle win at the New South Wales junior championships. Wenden took 0.6 seconds off the 100-meter freestyle...

January 31, 1966 | Mervin Hyman
It was midyear-examination time for most major-college players, but some teams, among them St. Joseph's, Kansas and Bradley—three of the nation's top 10—learned their lessons the hard way. They...

January 31, 1966
MUD IN TV'S EYESirs:Many thanks for Tex Maule's article, A Cool Masterpiece (Jan. 10), on the Packer-Brown game. Delightful!A.D.R. SCHOENFELDChadds Ford, Pa.

January 31, 1966

January 31, 1966
•Dean Martin, on the wagon during the Bing Crosby Golf Tournament, asked for his autograph on the 18th green at Cypress by a woman with green hair: "Lady, I knew something like you would show up...