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February 21, 1966 | Volume 24, Issue 8

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Jean-Claude Killy Cover - Sports Illustrated February 21, 1966

February 21, 1966 | Tex Maule
Although Cassius Clay seems to be running out of worthy opponents, a number of good youngsters, led by Jerry Quarry, promise future excitement. Still growing and only 20, Quarry is a fearsome puncher

February 21, 1966 | Morton Sharnik
Jerry Quarry will have plenty of company on the way up. Here are six of the best, who together have won 40 fights against only two losses

February 21, 1966 | Gwilym S. Brown
Australia's Ron Clarke tried to confuse the world's best two-milers by using the old army system of rush, rush, rush and then slow, slow, slow, and it worked until he ran afoul of a friend who...

February 21, 1966 | Dan Jenkins

February 21, 1966 | Alice Higgins
Looking like one of Scheherazade's heroines, Jennifer Anderson rides in the native costume class of the Scottsdale, Arizona All-Arabian Horse Show. Arabian owners from around the country will...

February 21, 1966
Spring training is getting under way. Our 1966 baseball coverage gets under way with it as Artist Arnold Roth throws out the first ball with a cheerfully malevolent report on the sights and sounds...

February 21, 1966 | No. 93761

February 21, 1966 | Garry Valk
During the past 12 years SPORTS ILLUSTRATED has employed more than 1,000 photographers of varying temperaments and talents. Some of them have been specialists who focus on part of the sports...

February 21, 1966
The public opening of Avery Brundage's monumental collection of Oriental art is set for spring in San Francisco's de Young museum, but already that crusty old guardian of amateur athletic fidelity...

February 21, 1966 | Paul Stewart
A wacky new fabric called Chameleon Cloth changes color when soaked with citrus juice

February 21, 1966 | Hugh Whall
West Coast sailors may be also-rans in America's Cup competition but, with Congress to back them and a cup of their own to race for, they made one 12-meter man from back east look like Sir Thomas...

February 21, 1966 | Frank Deford
Coach Claude twinkles brightly, dashing Dave scores prolifically and the Pocatello Bengals are a sellout while losing most of their games

February 21, 1966 | Charles Goren
Master points, those symbols of tournament success, were won by a record 165,000 U.S. bridge players during 1965. As usual, they went to competitors as young as 10 or so and as old—well, even...

February 21, 1966 | Bil Gilbert

February 21, 1966
BASKETBALL—NBA: BOSTON (41-20) increased its Eastern Division lead to three games with tour wins and two losses and CINCINNATI (37-23), with a 2-3 record for the week, slid into third place, half...

February 21, 1966
4—Richard Meek14, 15—Sheedy & Long16—UPI from The Ring, Art Rickerby-LIFE17—Angelo Curley, Tony Triolo19—Sheedy & Long20, 21—Yves Debraine22-26—Pierre Boulat44—AP, Paris Match-Pictorial...

February 21, 1966
Gary Pettet, 6, of Portsmouth, England became the youngest to win the British ASA's gold award by swimming 100 yards in four minutes while fully dressed, treading water for 90 seconds, undressing...

February 21, 1966 | Mervin Hyman
While their teams battled for tournament spots, college stars were busy adding to All-America credentials. Some of the brightest last week: Providence's Jimmy Walker, Syracuse's Dave Bing,...

February 21, 1966
STUDENT ATHLETESSirs:In the SCORECARD item titled "Presumption" (Feb. 14) your magazine has many stern things to say about the NCAA legislation setting a minimum academic level for national...

February 21, 1966

February 21, 1966
•Jim Beauchamp, former Houston Astro player, commenting on what it's like to play in the Astrodome: "Personally, I like to get rained out once in a while."