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February 28, 1966 | Volume 24, Issue 9

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Leo Durocher Cover - Sports Illustrated February 28, 1966

February 28, 1966 | Frank Deford

February 28, 1966 | Frank Deford

February 28, 1966 | Tom C. Brody
Merle Taylor, mother of seven, crawled, scrambled and led her inelegant St. Paul rink to a stone-cracking upset over some surprised curling rivals, who found the socializing just perfect for their...

February 28, 1966 | John Lovesey
More than a year ago the fastest and best-loved racing greyhound in England was snatched from his kennel. Last week after a series of mysterious phone calls he reappeared as fit, apparently, as ever

February 28, 1966 | William Leggett

February 28, 1966 | William Leggett
Eddie Stanky, While Sox, once executed for Dodgers 11 straight two-strike suicide squeeze plays signaled by Leo.

February 28, 1966
Basketball's baron, Adolph Rupp of Kentucky, has again surprised his coaching colleagues by spurring a lightly held group of players into No. 1 national ranking.

February 28, 1966 | Arnold Roth
With an artist's eye, a malevolent imagination and a happy sense of the absurd, Arnold Roth went south to spring training. As a baseball fan, he was delighted by the sights, sounds, colors and...

February 28, 1966 | Garry Valk
A week or so ago, when we had a warmish day between blustery snowstorms here in the East, I caught a glimpse of the first sure sign of spring. A couple of 12-year-old kids had baseball gloves on...

February 28, 1966 | Bob Ottum

February 28, 1966
Because no money was promised, Cassius Clay turned down a request that he don a leopard skin and ride an elephant in a Miami production of Aula, explaining: "I love the opera, but I am a practical...

February 28, 1966 | Joe Jares
Charlie Pasarell has been a name for the future for so long that the name was beginning to seem pretty old. But his victory in the national indoors indicates that at last the future has arrived

February 28, 1966 | Gary Ronberg
Long a mainstay and now the star of the driving Detroit Red Wings, conscientious Norm Ullman used to be so modest that nobody, not even Norm Ullman himself, realized how good a hockey player he...

February 28, 1966 | Mort Sharnik
You never expect to win here, and you're never ready when it happens," said Mrs. Walter Bunker of Pebble Beach, Calif. at New York's Madison Square Garden last week while her husband darted out...

February 28, 1966 | Charles Goren
Getting there, as the Cunard agents say, is half the fun, and nobody has reason to know this better than tournament bridge players—in more ways than one. Since the first world team championship...

February 28, 1966 | Jonathan Rhoades

February 28, 1966
OUT WITH THE NEWNo doubt the new stadiums we see sprouting on sports pages everywhere are right up to the minute, but they leave us a little melancholy. The architects have removed the posts,...

February 28, 1966
•Gordie Howe, Red Wings hockey star, asked if he considered the Rangers' Reg Fleming a "hard-nosed player": "I don't know; I never felt his nose."

February 28, 1966
22, 23—Bob Peterson24—Associated Newspapers-Pictorial25—D. J. Gossling32—UPI, Herb Scharfman (3), Fred Kaplan33—Herb Scharfman (2), Phil Bath, UPI43-46—David lees49—Norman Kempster from...

February 28, 1966
Curtis Person, 55, a Memphis automobile dealer and amateur golfer for 40 years, won his 10th senior title in 13 tries since last September when he took the Life Begins at 40 Tournament in...

February 28, 1966
BASKETBALL—NBA: BOSTON (42-22), with a 1-2 record for the week, watched its Eastern Division lead shrink from three games to a half game as second-place PHILADELPHIA (41-22) won four straight. In...

February 28, 1966 | Mervin Hyman
A few conference races were all over: in others, this week's games would be decisive. But the independents, hoping for tournament bids, could not relax. Among those who seemed sure bets: Texas...

February 28, 1966 | Mervin Hyman
Back in early January UCLA smothered Oregon State 79-35 in Los Angeles. But when the two teams met again in Corvallis last Friday night Oregon State had won eight straight AAWU games. The Bruins,...

February 28, 1966
MOUNT UPSirs:Congratulations to SI for the wonderfully written article on Rick Mount of Lebanon, Ind. (Brighit Star in Indiana, Feb. 14). It goes to prove once more that Indiana produces the best...

February 28, 1966 | John Hanlon
After 26 years of playing baseball a journeyman pitcher returned to Pawtucket. He had never really left