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April 04, 1966 | Volume 24, Issue 14

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Jack Nicklaus Cover - Sports Illustrated April 04, 1966

April 04, 1966 | Dan Jenkins
Arnold Palmer flitting around in his twin-booster, partly deductible rocket ship , and Billy Casper eating baked leopards' feet and sea-lentil casserole for all those allergies, and Gary Player,...

April 04, 1966
BADMINTON—MRS. JUDY HASHMAN, a native of Baltimore who now lives in England, won her ninth unofficial women's world title in 12 years when she defeated Imre Rietveld of The Netherlands 11-6, 11-7...

April 04, 1966
4—Tony Triolo28—Phil Bath-LIFE29—Herb Scharfman36—Tony Triolo, AP39—Michael Burns40, 42—Herb Scharfman58—Marvin E. Newman59—James Drake60-62—Marvin E. Newman63—Neil Leifer64-66—Marvin E....

April 04, 1966
Mike Carr, 8, of Greenwich, Conn., who has been swimming for two years, set a state record in the 50-yard freestyle, which is rarely swum by his age group, with a 35.4 and tied for first place in...

April 04, 1966
STICKS AND STONESSirs:Accolades to Dan Jenkins on his magnificently perceptive article (One Point Six, Pick Up Sticks, March 21). It has long seemed wrong to me that those colleges with good...

April 04, 1966

April 04, 1966
•Bob Hope, asked if it is true that he will soon buy the San Diego Chargers: "We're interested, but Barron Hilton's price isn't exactly right. We only want to buy the football team—not the hotels."

April 04, 1966 | Jack Mann
There is so business like show business, maintained Don Drysdale and Sandy Koufax, taking a fiscal Gemini shot that could transport baseball to the star system

April 04, 1966
Paradoxical Cassius Clay, the best-known, most hated and least understood athlete, is the subject of a definitive five-part series by Jack Olsen beginning in the forthcoming issue.

April 04, 1966 | Joe Jares

April 04, 1966 | Barbara La Fontaine
The triumph was Ford's in its continuing massive assault on Ferrari supremacy in world class sports car racing, but before the tense and surprising finish four spectators and a driver lost their lives

April 04, 1966 | Eric Whitehead
An optimistic Fargo, N. Dak. dentist with some positive thoughts about positive thinking proclaimed his U.S. rink unbeatable in the world curling championship at Vancouver. Then, sad to say, play...

April 04, 1966 | Garry Valk
"Stringer" is an old word in journalism that is derived, or so the story goes, from the days when newspaper correspondents were paid by the amount of type that they got into the paper. To gauge...

April 04, 1966 | John Underwood

April 04, 1966 | Gwilym S. Brown

April 04, 1966 | Barbara La Fontaine

April 04, 1966
With 19 years of playing and coaching professional football behind him, Clyde Turner turned to horse racing, his pursuit of which has just been saluted by "Bulldog Turner Day" at New Mexico's...

April 04, 1966 | Martin Kane
Playing on a rubber surface that slowed the ball but not the action, the pros last week reminded everyone what ground strokes are like

April 04, 1966 | Dan Jenkins
In a dramatic last-event stand the French captured the Werner Cup and then won the battle of the Boiler Room at the Sun Valley Lodge

April 04, 1966
The woman who likes speed can now dress the part, for this summer's newest sportswear designs are inspired by track and turf. In California, particularly, much store is set by being one pace or...

April 04, 1966 | Hugh Whall
England's new Olympic candidate challenges the aging Star class

April 04, 1966 | M. R. Werner
New Orleans, a city with a history dating from 1718, is divided between those who want to cherish the distinguished past and those eager to profit by an exuberant future. Men willing to gamble on...

April 04, 1966 | Monroe Bush