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April 11, 1966 | Volume 24, Issue 15

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Muhammad Ali Cover - Sports Illustrated April 11, 1966

April 11, 1966
BASKETBALL—NBA: BOSTON beat Cincinnati 120-103 and 112-103 to clinch the Eastern Division semifinal playoffs 3-2 and then, paced by Sam Jones (29 points) and John Havlicek (22 points), defeated...

April 11, 1966
Gerry Walin, 26, a University of Washington student, steered Starflite IV, a 17-foot hydroplane with an Evinrude 100-S motor, to a world outboard-boat speed record of 130.929 mph over a...

April 11, 1966
24, 25—Charles Trainor-Miami News26—Jerry Cooke, Walter Osborne-FORTUNE27—Jerry Cooke28, 29—Curt Gunther30, 31—Fred Kaplan32—Mark Kauffman-LIFE33—Tony Triolo37—Mark Kauffman-LIFE54, 55—Russ...

April 11, 1966
VIEW FROM THE HILLSirs:Your article, France Has a Picnic in Vermont (March 28), was cleverly written, but it did not touch the most significant aspects of the races. When the French, the Swiss or...

April 11, 1966 | Gwilym S. Brown
The golfer who cares not so much how he swings as where will enjoy a new book called Golf: New Horizons (Thomas Y. Crowell, $5.95), written by Gene Sarazen and Peter McLean in conjunction with Pan...

April 11, 1966

April 11, 1966
•Luther Lassiter, world pocket billiards champion, who claims he has never worked since he carried groceries for 8⅓¢ an hour when he was 15: "I like to ride bicycles, walk in the woods, just walk...

April 11, 1966 | Whitney Tower

April 11, 1966 | Tom C. Brody
Any major league rookie who is not hopelessly incompetent brings forth a barrage of huzzahs and overstatements. And why not? In baseball now it is the time when all things are forever possible

April 11, 1966
Baseball 1966 gets under way and we salute it with our annual baseball issue, complete with 15 pages of photographs in full color and an analysis of each of the 20 major league clubs. William...

April 11, 1966 | Curry Kirkpatrick
On the verge of elimination from the pro playoffs for the first time in eight years, Boston knocked out Cincinnati and then easily whipped Philadelphia in the opening game of the Eastern finals

April 11, 1966 | Gilbert Rogin

April 11, 1966 | Garry Valk
Nobody Knows My Name is the title of a book James Baldwin scarcely had to write, the title so nearly said everything Negro Writer Baldwin had in mind. SPORTS ILLUSTRATED Senior Editor Jack Olsen....

April 11, 1966
A good jockey, as Eddie Arcaro was always saying with due modesty, is also a good athlete and not just a handy chauffeur. The now-retired master, probably the most skillful ever to ride in this...

April 11, 1966 | Frank Graham Jr.
Braulio Baeza walked out of the jockeys' room into the morning sunlight. Wearing light-blue, tight-fitting slacks and a fresh T shirt, he looked more fragile than the exercise boys and the other...

April 11, 1966 | Bob Ottum

April 11, 1966
Very possibly none of St. Petersburg's senior citizens had ever thought of it just that way, but when Maurice Chevalier, himself 77 and one year older than the Eiffel Tower, called the city the...

April 11, 1966 | Jack Nicklaus
There are two schools of thought on putting. One calls for you to break your wrists. The other requires you to keep your wrists firm and move the arms instead. But regardless of which you follow,...

April 11, 1966 | John Harlin

April 11, 1966 | Pat Ryan
Last year the world's best woman golfer quit the pro tour forever, but a change of heart and a new philosophy have her back—and winning

April 11, 1966 | Charles Goren
For three weeks this spring the best American bridge players will be more or less joining the Jet Set as they compete in the two most important of all international events. The first is the World...

April 11, 1966 | Jack Olsen

April 11, 1966 | Jack Olsen
In Louisville, Author Olsen discovers the proud, talented Clays and a father whose dislike of whites equals his son's.

April 11, 1966 | John Hanlon
New England industry has been in trouble for a long time, and Rhode Islands Bristol Manufacturing Corp., an old Yankee-owned shoe company, was no exception. For years Bristol had been one of the...

April 11, 1966 | Ellington White