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May 30, 1966 | Volume 24, Issue 22

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 Cover - Sports Illustrated May 30, 1966

May 30, 1966 | Robert Cantwell
The opening sentence of John Scarne's The Odds Against Me (Simon and Schuster, $6.95) is. "John, che cosa fai con quel mazzo di carte?" It means, "John, what are you doing with that deck of...

May 30, 1966

May 30, 1966
•Bill Russell, Boston Celtic star and coach, attempting, in Bermuda, to water ski for the first time in his life: "I've just changed water skiing from a participant to a spectator sport."

May 30, 1966 | Edwin Shrake

May 30, 1966 | Mark Kram
He was sitting on the edge of the table, staring into the doctor's eyes. His nose looked like the side of a big hill. The eyes were empty, and above each one there were jagged cuts held together...

May 30, 1966 | Whitney Tower
Wire-to-wire winner of the Derby, Kauai King romped off with the Preakness using a different strategy. He thereby established himself as the clear favorite to capture the Belmont and the Triple Crown

May 30, 1966 | William Leggett
Baseball's biggest winter trade brought Frank Robinson from the Reds to the Orioles to join Brooks Robinson. Together the two have won game after game for a team that has lacked consistency

May 30, 1966
Orbiting light years higher in the standings than they really should be, Houston's Astros are the surprise of the baseball season. Jack Mann reports on team, city and scoreboard.

May 30, 1966

May 30, 1966 | Barbara La Fontaine

May 30, 1966 | Garry Valk
At this time of year, as the gentlemen at Indianapolis prepare to start their engines, inevitably we receive a number of letters from readers opposed to such dangerous sports as auto racing....

May 30, 1966 | Frank Deford

May 30, 1966
His platform (education and welfare) is topical, and his slogan (Jim Beatty Is Running for You) is catchy. Accordingly, the middle-distance runner (and the first man to break the indoor...

May 30, 1966 | Jack Nicklaus
Learning the footwork for a golf swing is a little like learning the waltz. You are attempting to develop tempo and rhythm, and the best way to do it is to go off somewhere by yourself and give it...

May 30, 1966 | Dan Jenkins
That's what there is always a lot of at the Colonial, where Bruce Devlin won the money and Tournament Chairman Frank Rogers ran the show

May 30, 1966 | Pat Ryan
Cardigan Bay is lucky to be alive, let alone racing, and he is too old by U.S. standards, but his early years in New Zealand and competition on narrow tracks stood him in good stead when he met...

May 30, 1966 | Charles Goren
After days of being behind, the North Americans made their move, but then two key hands insured another world title for the Blue Team

May 30, 1966 | Edwin Shrake

May 30, 1966 | Herman Weiskopf

May 30, 1966 | Herman Weiskopf
As so often happens, Detroit Catcher Bill Freehan traces his recent hitting binge to a bat—which is nothing new, except that the bat was held by Tom McCraw of the White Sox. Swinging at a pitch,...

May 30, 1966
BADMINTON—The U.S., the only country ever to hold the Uber Cup, symbol of the world championship in women's badminton, was upset by JAPAN. Competing for the first time, Japan's women dominated the...

May 30, 1966
20—Tony Triolo22—BIPPA23—UPI25—Herb Scharfman26—Jerry Cooke28, 29—James Drake44, 45—Robert deGast46—James Drake60—AP, UPI67—Shel Hershorn-Black Star71—Michael Cipriani-Yonkers Raceway93—AP94—Ryan...

May 30, 1966
Paul Gerken, a Norwalk (Conn.) High School sophomore who began playing tennis at 7 and became New England junior champion seven years later at 14, defeated Dave Campbell of Hingham, Mass. to win...

May 30, 1966
REVIVAL MEETINGSirs:What was on William Leggett's mind when he wrote A Dying Team Screams for Help (May 16)? To see how much he could run the Yankees down? With all that talk about how bad the...

May 30, 1966 | Jeannette Bruce
The telegram addressed to Orchids of Hawaii in New York City even felt a little frantic to the touch. It read: SEND DUPLICATE ORDER 50 ORCHIDS. DOG ATE PREVIOUS ORDER. The wire came from a...

May 30, 1966 | Alfred Wright
One of the best golfers of all time discusses the faults of the modern game and suggests how they can be rectified