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June 06, 1966 | Volume 24, Issue 23

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Sonny Jackson Cover - Sports Illustrated June 06, 1966

June 06, 1966

June 06, 1966
•Chico Salmon, taking over at shortstop for the Cleveland Indians after injuries shelved Larry Brown, Dick Howser and Tony Martinez, asked his most difficult position: "Sitting. I want to play. My...

June 06, 1966 | Bob Ottum
Starting with a near calamity and ending in furious confusion, the 50th Indianapolis classic stretched the nerves of a massive crowd. Two British drivers claimed the disputed victory, and the race...

June 06, 1966 | Jack Mann

June 06, 1966 | Mark Kram
Tony Alongi's good left hand kept Jerry Quarry on the defensive for most of their fight last week in Los Angeles, erasing the grin co-manager Johnny Flores always wears when Quarry is doing the...

June 06, 1966
The U.S. open is coming up. Alfred Wright discusses Olympic's challenge, Ken Venturi tells how to attack it and John Underwood writes of a club pro who gets into an Open.

June 06, 1966 | John Underwood

June 06, 1966 | Garry Valk
Some readers make the natural mistake of assuming that Whitney Tower has been writing horse racing in SPORTS ILLUSTRATED since the magazine's first issue nearly 12 years ago. (Some readers think...

June 06, 1966 | Whitney Tower
Longchamp has graced Paris since 1857. And Parisians—lovers of racing, elegant ladies, blue bloods and bourgeois—have graced Longchamp for as long. Enhanced by the surrounding Bois de Boulogne...

June 06, 1966 | Jack Nicklaus
Whether you have a gun in your hand or a golf club, if you expect to hit a target you must first take aim. Because so many parts of the body—hands, feet, knees, hips and shoulders—are involved,...

June 06, 1966 | Tom C. Brody
Lacking first-rate talent to man his oars, Pennsylvania's rowing coach has developed an electronic gadget designed to speed up his boats

June 06, 1966 | John O'Reilly
Charter men who fish the reefs off the Florida Keys have had a slim season. Some blame sharks or the weather—most blame the Cubans

June 06, 1966 | Janet Graham
Those who wish to travel long distances on small purses should pack their kit bags and try hitchhiking, a sport that requires nerve, ingenuity, endurance and an unshakable faith that the next ride...

June 06, 1966 | Janet Graham
1 Take a companion—or a hatpin. 2 Be neat but not gaudy—no low-cut blouses. 3 Ask driver first where he's going. 4 If he's tipsy or wolfish, say you are heading elsewhere. 5 Beware the driver who...

June 06, 1966 | Jeannette Bruce
A hypothetical letter from one hot rodder to another might read something like this: "On our way to the championship trail in our springy thingy, hoping to eyeball a few haulers cut a fat one, we...

June 06, 1966 | Herman Weiskopf

June 06, 1966 | Herman Weiskopf
With only a quarter of the season gone by, Juan Marichal of San Francisco had nine victories and no defeats, 60 strikeouts and only eight walks, four shutouts, an ERA of 0.59 and a great chance to...

June 06, 1966
BOWLING—"I can't believe it. I really can't," said JUDY LEE, 26, part-owner of a Chinese restaurant in Los Angeles, after defeating Nancy Peterson of Phoenix, Ariz. 799-760 and 771-742 in two...

June 06, 1966
4—Recoupé20, 21—UPI23—James Drake28—Sheedy & Long30—Rich Clarkson31—Bill Mahon from Leviton-Atlanta32—David Westphal51, 52—Recoupé65—Wil Blanche93—Neil Leifer94—UPI, AP, Gittings

June 06, 1966
Patti Hogan of La Jolla, Calif. began playing tennis at age 8 and now, eight years later, is ranked No. 2 of girls 16-and-under. Patti failed to win the U.S. hardcourt title, but she did upset...

June 06, 1966
AFRICA'S PLAYERSirs:I was pleased with John Underwood's portrayal of Gary Player (Gary and His Beloved Country, May 23). I have the greatest admiration for this fine athlete as a golfer and a...

June 06, 1966 | Barron Beshoar
You may have a million acres of ground and a lot of cows, but you ain't got much till you got a brand." So goes an old cowboy saying.

June 06, 1966 | Jacques Megroz