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June 13, 1966 | Volume 24, Issue 24

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Ken Venturi Cover - Sports Illustrated June 13, 1966

June 13, 1966
BOATING—SKIP ALLAN, sailing out of the Newport Harbor Yacht Club, skippered his father's Holiday, Too to the National Cal-40 championship for the second consecutive year when he scored two firsts...

June 13, 1966
6—Wil Blanche34, 35—Ray Woolfe Jr.36—Jerry Cooke40—James Drake52—Fred Lyon from Rapho-Guillumette54, 55—N.R. Farbman-Life57-64—models designed by Asdur Takakjian71—A Contamine,...

June 13, 1966
Tom Schram is an 8-year-old who swims for the Mountain View Dolphins near Santa Clara, Calif. He won 19 of 20 races during the season, entered three events at the Golden Gate League championships...

June 13, 1966 | Sandy Ramras

June 13, 1966 | Sandy Ramras
Jack Lamabe tends to be fat. His round, red face resting on a 205-pound frame earned him the nickname "Tomatoes" when he was with the Boston Red Sox, and his eating habits made him the target for...

June 13, 1966
BATTING ORDERSirs:In your May 23 SCORECARD, you mentioned the bat-swinging incidents which have taken place recently in baseball. You also suggested that, in the next such incident, Commissioner...

June 13, 1966

June 13, 1966
•George Halas, Chicago Bears owner-coach, who is 71, on the rule restricting coaches from pacing beyond the 35-yard lines during games: "Any coach over 60 should be given the privilege of...

June 13, 1966 | Gwilym S. Brown
A 19-year-old Kansas freshman, Jim Ryun, gave U.S. track fans their biggest thrill of 1966 when he came within two-tenths of a second of breaking Michel Jazy's 3:53.6 world mile record

June 13, 1966 | Bob Ottum

June 13, 1966 | Whitney Tower
Most New Yorkers were rooting for him, but Kauai King lost the Triple Crown when Amberoid won the Belmont Stakes

June 13, 1966 | Robert H. Boyle
Now president and owner of the highly regarded Reds, Bill DeWitt has served, operated and owned ball clubs for half a century. The only general manager ever to win pennants in both major leagues,...

June 13, 1966
The twist in Yankee fortunes after Ralph Houk succeeded Johnny Keane as manager was phenomenal. Leonard Koppett analyzes the turnabout and explains the real reasons for it.

June 13, 1966 | Alfred Wright

June 13, 1966 | Ken Venturi
There are many features of Olympic Country Club that make it unique—not the least of which is the way the rolls in the greens and the contours of the fairways keep minutely shifting because of...

June 13, 1966 | Garry Valk
Golfers are forever talking about tactics—how to handle this tree, that bunker, this swale, that mound—all things that dictate how they play a hole. They often sound like generals plotting at a...

June 13, 1966
One of the most striking things about the Lakeside course at Olympic Country Club is that it is so enjoyable to play. This is true whether you are a pro or a 100 shooter. It is one of the most...

June 13, 1966
How did he bring himself to do it? In the current issue of Harper's, Robert Manry, the Cleveland newspaperman who sailed the Atlantic in a 13-foot, 30-year-old boat, says his dream of three...

June 13, 1966 | Robert Cantwell
Setting up this week's rubber match and again drawing swarms of new trotting fans, Bret Hanover won his second race with Cardigan Bay

June 13, 1966 | Charles Goren
A 37-year-old handsome blond six-footer from England is now at the halfway point of his six-month assault on the American world of bridge, and the results thus far are impressive. Jeremy Flint was...

June 13, 1966 | Paul Ress
Alex Metreveli upsets Dennis Ralston in the French nationals to signal the arrival of a new power

June 13, 1966 | Frank Deford
Navy's champions went to battle against Army wearing pictures of hideous monsters, but they played the game picture-pretty

June 13, 1966 | John Underwood

June 13, 1966 | Robert H. Boyle
History is of use. Knowing what has happened in the past is essential for taking intelligent action that will shape the future for the better. This is true of any field of human endeavor, but it...

June 13, 1966 | Nicanor A. Ablay
The Philippine government is cool toward water-buffalo fights, but the natives in the remote areas still hold the contests in carnival style